Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend # 1 - Sunday

January 8, Sunday 
Arena, San Juan

Sulit Sunday

UE Lady Warriors  vs  UP Fighting Lady Maroons
 Arena, San Juan
DLSU Lady Archers  vs  UST Lady Tigers 
Arena, San Juan

[Images randomly arranged]

 - Tiger Claws - Tiger Eyes -
['Tang Ina ! Sana lahat nang kuha ko ganito katindi]

[pero sa totoo lang, sa sports photography marami talagang "tapon" na kuha
- ang importante ay yoong mga OK na kuha magandang-maganda talaga] 

- Still Number One  -
[need I say more ?]

- Symmetry -

 - Symmetry -
[the bigger picture]

- It's a Red Letter Day -

Is it possible to FULLY interpret / encapsulate, in a nutshell, with only one or two photos, a thrilling 5-setter volleyball match ?  At least, that's what I appear to be attempting above.  It is difficult indeed - probably like attempting to interpret a wedding in one or two photos too.

The plots, sub-plots, unbridled display of emotions, private moments, critical game-deciding plays, totally unexpected incidents, significant rituals in a wedding event, let alone wedding reception  -  There's just whole lotta STUFF [sometimes even shit] that goes on in a game [or wedding event]  -  So, I answer no to the question above.

The thrill and challenge of shooting a game AND coming up with, not only Good, but GREAT Photos is what it's all about for me.  And the reality is, there are good AND bad days.  So, it boils down to [day-to-day] just trying to be alert, focused, [and also sensitive and tactful at times] on what's happening, that is - assuming and hoping that one is at the right place at the right time in any event.  Anyway, nuff of that shit -> Here are the stats and - FYI I'll post a lot more game pics soon  - got to vamoose.

Gotta entice U guys to repeatedly visit my posts.

- The Stats -

As seen in the stats, the DLSU vs UST UAAP Ladies Volley match 
goes the full route - 5 sets - and it still is undecided at the 15-point mark.
Eventually the Lady Archers prevail, finishing with 2 straight points [17-15].

In the Powerade vs Rain or Shine game -
 regulation time ends with a 97-all deadlock.
Shooting a College Volleyball game, that goes into 5 sets, and a Pro Basketball game, that goes into Overtime, is definitely not a bad way to end a Sunday.

[Powerade vs Rain or Shine pics follow in the next post]

More images from the Lady Warriors' and Lady Archers' Ws below :

- The Lady Maroons get swept away in the 1st Round -
- But expect them to come back fighting in the 2nd Round,
which starts on Jan.14, Saturday.

 - The Arena as a Tigers' Den -

- La Salle's Big Three -
Michele Gumabao/ Abigail Marano / Cha Cruz

- Archers' Auugh !! -

- Green Phalanx  -

- Mighty Maika Scores Again ! -

- Vamos Tigres ! -

- Tigers' Pride -
Ja Anonuevo / Alex Cabanos / Chlodia Cortez / Anj Aguirre / Jan Abejero

Meantime - "The Phenom" sits nearby - surfing.

- Archers' Pride -
[Guys, E-mail me Ur names so I can post it OK ? -> brosigonzales@gmail.com]

The Lady Tigresses claw their way and
take the favored Lady Archers to a 5th Set.

 UST scores a point. Jacq Allarca winces.
To her left, DLSU Team Manager Francis Yueng can only close his eyes and sigh.

- Man on a Mission -
- UST Tiger Coach Odjie Mamon -

Archer Coach Ramil de Jesus gives his girls a piece of his mind.
It's like his Archers have their backs against the wall.
 - Pressure -

- Pressure -

And like True Champions, the Lady Archers respond.  After the 5th set reaches the 15 point mark with both teams tied, DLSU scores two straight to settle the matter once and for all.  They prevail  [3 sets to 2].  They remain unbeaten.

- How Sweet It Is -


- Win Is A Win Is A Win -

 Despite the loss, Maika and Hirotsuji Smile Away.
That's the Spirit Girls !

brosi gonzales

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