Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Last 2011, I had about only about 6 Sundays and 6 Saturdays totally free from work [that is, from a yearly total of 52 weekends], and that included Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday, Dec.24,25,31,2011,Jan.1,2012. Am I complaining ? No. Matches AND sports related events happen literally every non-holiday weekend, and several days within any week. Having my priorities in focus, I have accepted that and have simply tried to pace myself, {like the athletes I shoot, and try to make acquiantancs with, randomly} [make sure my equipment is in good shape 24-7] [always be ready to bounce at a moment's notice, although I AM NOT a news photographer] {NEVER be sick} and have had  to continually adjust to a sometimes fickle sports calendar.  I suppose, there's a certain excitement in not knowing exactly what sport I'll be shooting at which venue at any given weekend, until the night before.

The pacing thing is managable. What is just fruatrating [& impossible], is when important matches OVERLAP, meaning two equally important events occur exactly at the same time in different venues. 

Case in point --> Ateneo vs La Salle Womens' 1st Rnd UAAP Volley Game and LA Galaxy vs Phil Azkals Game were held on the same afternoon [OBVIOUSLY, the Galaxy game wins out, but as this post title goes - I Don't Wanna miss A Thing], Though they did not actually overlap, I had to miss the Vollley just to be at Rizal Memorial very early - being punctual matters to me.

Of course, I consult my boss as to which is priority.  I have a few friends from various teams [PBA, UAAP Football, Volleyball, Softball, UFL, V-League etc., etc] -
- and of course, I always enjoy supporting them through my photography, I want them to know I am watching them - that I am there. But - Simply can't be at two places at the same time -- So, My New Year's Wish is --> Have a Clone of Myself.

brosi gonzales

next up

Internacional de Madrid vs Phil Azkals Alyansa 
 UP-UE UAAP Ladies Volley
DLS-UST UAAP Ladies' Volley
Powerade vs Rain or Shine [Game 3 Best-of-Seven]

[as mentioned before - had to miss the Game 2s of both the
Rain or Shine vs Powerade    and   Petron vs TnT
Best-of-Seven Semis series due to that Azkals fund raising event]

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