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From The Ordinary To The Iconic

[Some Favorite Photos From 2011]

Below is an arbitrary selection of some favorite images that I took in 2011.  Some may be categorized as ordinary [run-of-the-mill / generic / amateurish] "snaps" even.  Maybe [sana], some could be called brilliant, truly great photos - and hopefully a couple may even deserve to be called "iconic".  Or Whatever  -- Will I rank / categorize them in that context and arrange them accordingly? In this post,  will I label a Top Ten, Top Three, and eventually have a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st - as in my BEST photograph, Photo-of-the -Year ?

In my mind, I've my own Rankings and Top Choices already but I'd rather not comment on that [No need].  I'll just alphabetically sequence them according to their titles whilst sharing them with you. A few comments accompany the pics.

[Like ALL my images in this blog, they are reduced files]

Here Goes - - -

 - A Kiss from the Captain -
Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo sends a kiss to his girl,
 Ines Lobregat [at the gallery], after a hard fought match vs Sri-Lanka.
- Rizal Memorial -

 - Abueva Down -
Golden Stag Calvin Abueva has to deal with a sudden case of the cramps
during the Stags' Dec.12 PCCL game vs Ateneo.
- Arena, San Juan -

 - Bad Day at the Office -
Gin King Enrico Villanueva missed 3 free throws during the 4th Qtr
of a very crucial match vs Rain or Shine.  Had villanueva made them,
 the game need not have gone into overtime and Ginebra would have won. 
 They eventually lost to Rain or Shine in the extension.
- Araneta -

 - Camille, Ines, Tata -
Ateneo Lady Booters Camille Dayrit, Ines Lorenzo, and Tata Garcia give me a few seconds after an Ateneo Uni-Games basketball match in Roxas City.
- Capiz Gymnasium, Roxas City -


 - Cammy and Cassy -
Am able to take a simple but wonderful portrait of siblings
Cammy and Cassy Tioseco inside the Southville Gym in the Sucat area.
This is after an Assumption Convent [Cammy's from AC] match vs DLS Zobel.
 I actually approach and introduce myself to Cassy after the match and 10 or so minutes later am able to craft this image using diffused sunlight.
- Southville Gym -

 - Celino Steals -
Take this shot of Celino Cruz stealing the ball from
 Barako Bull MacMac Baracal during a PBA elimination game.
- Araneta -

 - Championship Point -
After Fighting Maroon Jinggoy Valmayor scores UP's second goal during their Championship Match vs UST, the Maroons Whoop it Up.

At this point, everyone pretty much concedes the match to UP.
UST eventually manages to score a goal, though,
but time simply runs out for the Tigers.
The final tally is UP-2  UST-1.
- Ateneo Campus -

 - The Cheerleader -
I believe this is Ina Consunji from the Ateneo.
- Araneta -

 - Chieffy and a Boy -
Chieffy Caligdong warms up before a UFL match with a young fan.
- University of Makati -

 - Diskarte -
Alyssa Valdez of Ateneo saves the ball.
- Arena, San Juan -

 - Father and Daughter -
Raoul Recto attends to daughter Robbie after
she suffers a bad fall during a February UAAP Softball Match.
Luckily, I win a few Gs when this photo places Third in
a UAAP 2011 Photo Competition [on-line category].
- UP Campus, Diliman -

 - Fille - Full Horizontal -
Shakey's V-League Most improved Player Awardee Fille Cainglet [from Ateneo]
shows great athleticism in this gutsy save from Season 8.
- Arena, San Juan -

 - Final Game -
Manage to squeeze my way, then squat awkwardly just to get this angle on Simon Atkins [left] , right after he played his last UAAP match.
- Araneta -

 - Go Zobel ! -
Take this in an actual game between DLS Zobel and some mediocre team that they clobber by 40 plus points. Time this fastbreak photo - 
clicked the shutter at the point where the
"Go Zobel" thingy would be symmetrical to the athlete's position.
- Sports Pavilion, DLSU Zobel -

 - Impish -
Steal this portrait of Nico Salva at the bench during an Ateneo-UST UAAP match.
- Araneta -

 - King James -
King James acknowledges his loyal subjects [fans] after a B-meg W.
- Araneta -

 -  Dengga !  -
James Yap fakes out Mike Cortez for a smooth three from the corner.
- Araneta -

 - Laoag Invasion -
Took this image during one of those "Suzuki Invasion" events last April.
- Laoag City -

 - Luck of the Draw -
- Real time update on 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers pairings last March 30 -
I was alongside PFF Officials, Azkal Coach Micheal Weiss and members of the Media Pool when I captured this moment.
- UP Campus, Los Banos -

 - Man of Steal -
Eric Salamat of Alaska steals the ball from Paolo Hubalde of Shopinas.
- Araneta -

 - Mom -
Take this available light portrait of my mother while we
were having a sundae in Jollibee, one Sunday, last June.
 - Jollibee, Sucat -

 - Money Shot #1 -
This is Chieffy Caligdoing's spectacular goal in the Azkals vs Mongolia match
 last February 9, at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.
We won [2-0].

 - Money Shot #2 -
Being at the right place at the right time , I was able to capture the ball as it hit the ground and bounced up, hitting the net.  The ball, the Mongolian Keeper, the Scorer [Caligdong], a Mongolian Defender, and part of the crowd
 [in the background] were all captured in two great shots.

 - Money Shot - Sports Section Center Spread -
This Center Spread came out the following Friday, February 10, 2011.

 - Ping Pong -
Checked out some UAAP Table Tennis matches at the Blue Eagle Gym
 a few months back.
[My first ever table tennis images]
- Ateneo Campus -

 - Pirouette -
Blue Eagle Juami Tiongson tries to keep control of the ball,
even as his West Negros University defender looses his footing.
This was during the UNI-Games Basketball Championship Match last October.
- Capiz Gymnasium, Roxas City -

 - Rebel Yell -
After Stepehen Schrock scores in the dying seconds of the First Half
of the Azkals-Kuwait match, Aly Borromeo [jumping] whoops it up with the boys.
Aly's joy is short lived though - Kuwait eventually creams the Azkals,
thus knocking out the Pinoys from the Wold Cup Qualifying Race.
- Rizal Memorial -

 - Sarah -
Took this image during UAAP Softball Tournament last summer.
- UP Campus, Diliman -

 - Sel -
Young lady correspondent Sel Guevara was kind enough to let me take an
 On-the-Spot portrait of her on the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium grounds
roughly about 10 minutes after we met at a Press Briefing in the Media Room.
- Rizal Memorial -

 - Service with a Smile [and Tongue] -
Fille Cainglet -Taken during the Ateneo-UP UAAP First Round Match.
- Arena, San Juan -

 - Stealing Beauty -
Stole this photo of Lady Eagles Assistant Coach Charo Santos
 in the huddle during a Shakey's V-League Season 8 Match.  [Do this often].
- Arena, San Juan -

 - Suzuki U-23 Nationals -
That's UST Tiger Ronald Batisla-Ong [left] and UP Maroon Nathan Octavio
contesting the ball during a Suzuki U-23 Nationals Match last May.
- UP Campus, Los Banos -

 - Tata -
Before the ADM-DLS 2nd UAAP Rnd Football Match
 I stole this shot of pretty Lady Eagles assistant Coach Tata Garcia.
She has, since then, been given a print of this image.
Weeks later, she told me that she had been praying at that moment.
[Ateneo upset Defending Champion La Salle {2-0} that afternoon]
- Ateneo Campus -

 - Courtside Portrait - Jessica and Sel -
Took this photo right after a PBA game last December 11.
One of my best On-the-Spot shots last 2011.
- Araneta -

 - Exorcising the Ghosts of UAAP Championships Lost -
Took this during a D-League match between Cebuan Lhuillier and Big Chill.
FEU Tamaraw Terrence Romeo [in blue] is playing for Cebuana Lhuillier,
one of the top seeded teams in the ongoing PBA D-League Aspirants Cup.
- FEU Campus, Morayta -

 - The Underdogs -
- After bottom-seed Powerade knocks out top-seed B-Meg,
Bo Perasol's Boys whoop it up !  --->Priceless !!
- Araneta -

 - Unahan Lang Yan -
Taken during the Uni-Games last October [ADM vs DLS Bacolod].
- Capiz Gymnasium, Roxas City -

 - Unstoppable -
- Alex Cabagnot - When the going gets tough - The tough get going.
- Araneta -

Obviously, there is a Flag.
 But, there is "something else" in the photo - What is it ??
- Azkals vs Kuwait match, July 28, 2011 -
- Rizal Memorial -

Before I forget - Here are some "Favorite Foursomes"
that simply have to be in this post too.

P.S. - Still have to pick a few more faves from the my
{Jan-March} UAAP Football  & {April-May}V-League files - will probably post these come summer of 2012 -  Am just too swamped with work these days.

This 2012 - just gotta take my photography to the next level.
- Simple as that -

brosi gonzales

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