Friday, December 23, 2011

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The Crafty and the Quick
- Two Pastel Portraits -

There are countless ways a photographer can execute a portrait. Sometimes, one can afford to be very deliberate about it, given the luxury of time,  can create a well-crafted, choreographed interpretation or, in some cases - given different circumstances, have to simply manage, within a limited window of time, "quick hurried snaps" [for lack of a better description], sometimes even haphazard shots, when "you've-got-one-chance-only-so-make-it-quick" photo opportunities arise.  In the latter scenario, one's "photographic smarts" [or the absence of it] can make the difference between a wasted opp or otherwise.

This post features 2 portraits - each taken under very contrasting scenarios. Despite the differences I am about to point out - I'll NEVER consider one portait better or worse than the other.  All I can state is I did my best under the circumstances, and I'm pleased with the results.  Let me share.

Yari Torres Portrait                   Jed Montero Portrait

taken in a studio using            taken at ringside [Araneta Coliseum]
strobe lighting                       using the available light
only me and Yari Torres'          a hundred and one people around
agent are present                  and a few kibitzers nearby

by appointment, scheduled      impromptu - on the spot

shoot lasts about an hour        shoot takes about all of 5 seconds
and a half - I take about         I take only 2 shots
120 shots

I use 35mm                           I use a digital camera w a Flash Card
Color Negative Film

model all made up                   model has no make up at all

I am commissioned  & paid       I request, on-the-spot [no money involved]

taken over 10 Years Ago !        taken last Sunday, Dec.18

Puerto Rican                          Filipina

former Miss Universe                local celeb [FHM Cover Girl]

- Here are the 2 photos -

- Dayanarra Torres is in the House -


- Just Being Jed -

[Thank You Jed - Appreciatte it]

brosi gonzales

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