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December 11 - UAAP / PBA Sunday

Volleybelles & Hoopsters

December 11 -Sunday
Arena, San Juan

Lady Tigresses Stay Apace - Claw Fighting Maroons
[UST - 3      UP - 0]

The Lady Tigresses celebrate their win.
The Lady Fighting Maroons stay winless after 4 games.

Beach Volley Champ Maru Banaticla

always manages to score double figures in every match -

 - more often than not.
   The grizzled vet contributes 14 for the Tigresses.

 The other Big M of UST, Maika Ortiz, leads her team with 16 points.

- Sisiw ! -

Fighting Lady Maroon Ludy Anne Tianzon
 tries to score over the formidable UST D to no avail.

Rising star Hirotsuji Midori of UST [#2] scores 7 points.

 Dimaculangan, Ortiz, and another UST volleybelle watch as 
Arylle Magtalas fumbles the ball -

 -  to give another point to UST.

Southlynn Ramos does her part - puts in 8 points.

 but has to bleed for

every one of them.

 Lest we forget, the other Beach Volley Champ [#11] is in the house.

Judy Caballejo's 9 winners is indispensable to UST's campaign.

 Unless the Lady Maroons find ways to adjust, 
and increase their level of play, 
they will likely stay at the bottom of the ladder.
Here, Ramos tries desperately to salvage a point.

UST Coaches Odjie Mamon and Vit de Leon laugh it up 
with UAAP Official [in white] Mac Gepeula, after the match.

brosi gonzales

Lady Eagles Stay in Second - Blank NU Lady Bulldogs.
[Ateneo - 3     NU - 0]

The Lady Eagles wait for the UST-NU match to finish.

 - Meanwhile, back at the O.K. Corral - er, I mean - nest - - -
A few meters away, Volleybelle Amy Amohiro [still nursing an ACL]
plays checkers against Lady Eagles student manager Synjin Reyes.

Coach Roger, Parley, Charo and Gretchen happily oblige a snap.

 - One Big Fight ! -

- Staying sharp - keeping focus -
Denise Lazaro takes care of business.

 And Yes, the pretty young lady is a Deadly Spiker.
- Fille St. Merced Cainglet -

 But this afternoon, it's Dzi-Day for Gervacio.

 Dzi leads all scorers from Ateneo and NU.
She puts in 12 winners.  Way 2 Go Dzi !!

Located from way behind, standing at opponents side, 
seated at the bleachers or squatted down at courtside - - -
Isn't it a Thrill to Watch Fille ?
[next 8 frames]

 Yes It Is  !!!

 - Parting of the Blue Sea ? -
Den Den Lazaro digs.

 Gretchen makes a point.
[above & below]

  Jamenea Ferrer, one of the best setters in college,
sets up a team mate.

 The Lady Bulldogs experience a lot of awkward spills -
complements of the Lady Eagles.

 - The NU Volleybelles make sure, though,

to return the complement to the Ateneans,
- who have their share.
 [Did I just see Dzi Gervacio's lower left leg fly off ?]

- Defensive Tandem of Fille & Den -

- A Sweet "Gem of a Move" by Jamenea -
 I say -> Nobody does it the way Gem does it !

- Ows, Oh Come On Fille, Seriously ?? -

Eight Teams
Four Survivors
Two Finalists 
 One Champion 

Keep Visiting !

A lot more volley action to be had -
and a lot more to be photographed ! 

brosi gonzales

December 11 - Sunday
Araneta Coliseum 

Gin Kings Trample Tropang Texters 
 [Ginebra - 96     Talk n text - 82]

Ending the elimination round of the PBA Philippine Cup -> 37th Season with a wonderful and charming courtside portrait of Jessica Mendoza and Sel Guevarra is not on my "to-do" list. The photo op just presents itself.

Thank You Jess & Sel for the  few precious secs U gave me. It is, without any doubt, one of my best portaits this year [2011] [Yet!]

Still have the Very Crucial PBA Quarters Matches to post next, more UAAP Volley matches to shoot and post photos of  - Whew !  

Creating good sports imagery is FUN - but it is also tiring, mentally, extremely time consuming, editing wise for me -> scrutinizing thousands of images every week - choosing, cropping, occasionally correcting skin tones, compressing the files - watermarking my favorite photos [BTW, I NEVER alter my photos - I only ENHANCE them by tweaking my midtones and contrast]. Choosing the "right" photo for this blog, finding the "right" text to complement it is another exercise I simply don't force - I just "let it happen" - I'm no writer but I think I'm articulate and photographically proficient enough to make this blog worth visiting occasionally.

 And it just happens that I get to create another standout photo
[this time an action shot] earlier on the same Sunday.

  [this posting will have a lot more ADM Volley pics
along w some Ginebra vs Tnt pics added soon
- plus little more text]

Gotta Bounce First

brosi gonzales 

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