Monday, December 26, 2011


Transluscent and Timeless

Behind the place where I stay, there is a wide open landscaped green area where I tried photographing leaves way back late 2009.  'Twas very random and I never really expected a real standout image [although, that is always what I aspire to create EVERYTIME I take a picture]. Thing is, I don't do much nature photography as much as I do sports or portraits.

Then came that one fine November afternoon when I noticed this cluster of leaves [literally 30-50 meters behind the house] being backlit by the mid-afternoon sun.  Instinctively, I immediately checked all the possible angles, looked at the wonderful play of light, checked the background, noticed details and nuances -  and in a matter of seconds I took a series of about 10-15 photos of the same cluster [because it was the only one in an almost perfect position]. Now, over two years after, I have not outdone my "Leaves" photo. [I actually have had little time to shoot nature lately because of my workload, and unfortunately, the foliage behind the house is totally different now]

I used this image for my personalized 2009 X'mas cards. Come the 2010 Holiday Season - I used different images. Did use it as a dashboard pic for this blog a few weeks back - Then, a few days back, did E-mail this "Leaves" photo to only one particular friend -[of course, there was accompanying text on the black background].

Eventually, I'll enter it in a contest soon or later [meanwhile, gotta protect this piece of intellectual property one way or the other too] but I'm posting it now in the Spirit of the Holidays -> particularly in the context of Nature's Beauty being a Blessing from God, or rather, more accurately, in the context of of God's Light - - - and Love - being manifested in the simple, non-material things around us that we are sometimes too busy to notice.

My wish is that I can find more time to "smell the roses", so to speak, and craft even more wonderful nature photos. Yes, it is easier said than done - but I just have to try. 

- May God's Light Bless Us All Always -

brosi gonzales

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