Friday, December 16, 2011


Keeping One's Eyes On The Ball

[Quality Control & The Challenge To Do Better]

As the year draws draws to an end - I hoped I've learned from my mistakes [photographic and otherwise] [even blunders] and am using these lessons learned to continiously improve my craft.  Given the right frame of mind, something positive can always come out of something negative - right?  Now, as far as positive results are concerned - It's nice to celebrate and share them  [am referring to a few select great photos] But once I realize I have created a most wonderful  [a real standout winner of a picture] image - I immediately IMAGINE a BETTER one that can surpass it.

Before I proceed, I must confess that I have a backlog as far as my game postings are concerned. At this point I still have to post my December 5 photos [and text] of the PCCL Ateneo-UC and San Sebastian-San Beda { with images of the altercation} and the UFL Loyola Sparks vs Kaya and the Air Force vs Global matches AND the following December 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 , 15 and so on UFL football, PBA basketball, and UAAP Volley games + arbitrary portrait postings and so on ->until the present date.  It literally takes me hours and hours and hours AND more hours  just sifting through, choosing, slightly enhancing [NEVER ALTERING], cropping, and compressing images for this blog from sometimes a few thousand images in a week . But that's the price I'm willing to pay to try to maintain Quality Control.  And if gets me into a temporary backlog , It's my bad but I suppose it's forgivable and hopefully my blog visitors be rest assured that the anticipated sports photos will be eventually posted, albeit, a little late. [along w/ a few servings of portraiture]

[I don't want my site to be like those generic sites where the photog just  puts and puts images, sometimes recklessly, to impress his site visitors] - Sharing select images and making a little kuwento along the way is more me, though it is extremely time consuming, as I've stated, trying to maintain quality control.

Nyways, before I bounce momentarily - Here are two recent favorites of mine
- which will eventually appear in my upcoming game postings.
- As usual - Low Res & Watermarked -

Alyssa and Alex
[Images taken last Dec.11, Sunday]

Alyssa Valdez

Alex Cabagnot

- Eye Like -

brosi gonzales

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