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PCCL Final Four & UFL Semifinals

December 5, Monday
Arena, San Juan

Baste vs. Beda
Vengeance Is The Stags' 

At the PCCL Final Four Match on Monday, December 5, at the Arena in San Juan - college basketball die-hards, along with the guys in the media pool, were anticipating a "colorful", possibly fight-marred match between recent NCAA Finalists San Sebastian and San Beda.  The "incident" that had occurred a few days before, within the San Beda College Campus, brought about an uneasy tension among the ranks of the Golden Stags and the Red Lions.  Could both teams just forgive and forget all about it and just play ball ??  Nobody in their right mind expected that, yours truly included.
Knowing the temperament of both teams - Something had to give.  Now, how violent or messy it might become - Nobody really knew.   Until that afternoon.

Anatomy of an Altercation
[2nd Half]

What I can only state with a certainty -
[because I saw it happen right in front of me]
is that it's Kyle Pascual who plays the role of instigator perfectly with a
"pa simpleng nudge/push" w/ his right elbow towards Calvin Abueva's nape.  Pascual then moves away, hoping that it won't merit a call. 
The slight push, obviously intentional, shoves Abueva into Rome de la Rosa.
This escalates into an altercation which, fortunately,
is eventually controlled.  Nobody actually attempts to punch anyone -
puro hawi lang, trash talk, hamon, dagger looks, and fighting stances,
more awatan, hawi, and counter hawi.

After the tech commitee reviews the playbacks, Pascual,
and Abueva, plus a few other players, are ejected.

Play eventually resumes.  The San Sebastian Golden Stags win the match.
[Stags-87   Lions-72]

Here's the 25-frame sequence I capture w my Canon digital SLR:
Thing is, I actually fail to capture the exact moment 
Kyle Pascual nudges Abueva. 

Not In My House !
Photo above shows Ma'm Lynn Manansala of the Arena as if ready to
 signle-handedly take on the Stags and Lions. Go Girl ! - Show Them Who's Boss !

Early in the 1st Half, I observe, along with other co-photographers on-court the extremely inflamatory/inciteful behavior of a group of San Beda alumni [probably in their 30s, 40, 50s, even 60s] on the lower box section of the Arena.  Siyempre malakas ang mga loob nila kasi isang malaking grupo sila. They constantly scream their lungs out  at Abueva & Coy, particularly when Baste is getting called on fouls.  Their mob-like [bastos talaga] [iba ang die-hard, iba  ang bastos] behavior [more so that an ugly incident had occured in their campus only a few days before - where a volleyball coach was beaten up balck-and-blue and where one of the Red Lions actually punched a female libero on the face, at that] is very shameful. They are simply adding fire to a potentially tense situation - What for ?? - They obviously want Calvin Abueva to loose his cool.  As it turns out - it is Kyle Pascual who becomes "pikon" and instigates an altercation which ALMOST leads to punches being thrown - Great job Kyle [Whatta Jerk].

I'm glad Baste wins - 
They deserve to win by executing better than the Bedans.
I admire Garvo Lanete + some of the San Beda coaching staff
for congratulating the Stags and asking Arnold Pascual about his injury.
Those guys show CLASS.

Those Screaming Beda alumni - No Class At All.

 brosi gonzales

Some Images From The Earlier Win by
  the Ateneo Over the University of Cebu

[Eagles-100     Webmasters-53]

- PCCL Trophies -

brosi gonzales

December 5, Monday [evening]
Rizal Memorial Football Stadium

Loyola Meralco Sparks FC Knock Kaya Cignal FC Out In A Dramatic
Come-From-Behind  [5-3]  Victory

Coming from the Ateneo-UC / San Sebastian-San Beda PCCL Final Four games at the Arena, I arrive at the Rizal Stadium in the early goings of the 2nd Half just as the Sparks tie the match at 3-all.  With a little luck on my side, I am able to catch the Sparks' next two goals. The match ends up being the most dramatic come-from-behind win I've seen in my few years of photographing football. Whatta Game !!

Sparks' Goal #4
Sparks take the lead 4-3, courtesy of James Younghusband.

Sparks' goal #5
 Phil Younghusband scores again [ Sparks-5  Kaya FC-3]
to seal the deal for the Loyola Meralco Sparks.

Another close call for Kaya Cignal.

This time Topher Camcam beats em to it.

After the final whistle it's Sparks-5 and Kaya-3.
Topher Camcam hugs Sparks keeper Gabriel Vorbeck.

Gabby Borja, a team mate, and Raffy Evangelista
share a light moment after their team's impressive win.

- Alex Camcam, Topher's younger sister -

You, What kind of guardian angel would you like ?
The one who appears dressed in immacualtely white robes with feathery wings and is but a transluscent entity - or the who comes dressed casually in denim shorts and a comfy polo and cheers you up after a game [win or lose]
-  in the flesh and can "hang" with you 24-7 ?
Me, I prefer the latter.

My friend,Cathy Rivilla, gestures to me, from way up on the upper box,
 to take a snap of her with hubby Dicky and actress Angel Locsin.

Anytime Cathy !

Air Force Sets A Finals Showdown vs Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
by Blanking Global FC [2-0]

A few game photos here:

- Pukpukan -

Ian Araneta of Air Force Pheonix

tries to beat the Global FC keeper, Paolo Pascual, towards the goal.
- Izzu is tripped -

Goal #1 - by Yanti Barsales [#11]

[Air Force -1     Global FC - 0]

Goal #2 - by Jalo Soriano [#27]

[Air Force -2     Global FC - 0]

The final whistle is blown - - -

Air Force Pheonix Whoops It Up !

Meanwhile - - -

- The Unsaid -

[a few more pics 2 b added soon]

 brosi gonzales

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