Monday, December 12, 2011

The Courtside Portrait


As far as PBA courtside correspondents Jessica Mendoza and Sel Guevara are concerned - I've a number of stolen shots of Jessica, from her 2-year UAAP courtside stint [I gave her a CD  of all those JPEGs burned in - as a souvinier of sorts], and a great portait of Sel [one of my best this year], from when I met her last July 1 at a press brief in Rizal Coliseum.  In the ongoing PBA Philippine Cup [which started last Oct.2]  I've occasionally tried to take a few snaps of both girls - all in all, in total, about LESS than 10 - hoping to get a photo that would really stand out - a real good, good photo - by MY standards - Technically AND Artistically Sound.  I always failed.  Yes, they were just generic, run of the mill shots any experienced photographer can create.  Still, I gave Sel and Jessica a print or two [I think it was a group shot with Erika Padilla] OK lang - 'Twas all good - no biggy.

Finally, on Sunday, December 11, during the Ginebra-Tnt hoops match, as I was squatted near the hardcourt baseline taking some action shots - I noticed Jessica and Sel seated together on the left corner near the North Goal .  As usual, they were both well-made up, hair all perfect, and just being the pretty young correspondents they are - laid back, and relaxed, yet ready for the next report.  Noticing their demeanor  - my phographic instincts told me that it is a perfect time to capture these two lookers in an altogether different well crafted image - hopefully a courtside photo that will be a cut above ALL courtside pics these girls have ever had taken.

I signalled to them from about 4 meters away - [I was squatted on the hardcourt and they were seated] to put their heads close together for a simple snap [smiling of course] - Clicked twice - looked at my LCD - OK, I thought - Lighting->good, exposure->on the dot, composition->OK, warm "hindi pilit" smiles, mood->perfect ! - Dapat ito -  take two - or three or even four -- I knew the moment was there - I just had to capture it ! 

So, a few moments after the final buzzer, and some cursory moments with some of their admirers - I approached both girls and showed them my "test shots" and requested a few secs for a photo opp.

They obliged - I positioned them properly - gave a few cues - waited for the background to clear - asked Jessica to tilt her head ever so slightly - then clicked four times. 

Below is my favorite image among the four [low res & understandably watermarked].  Sel asked for copies. No problemo. Jessica, you need not ask.
You'll get an [8 x 10] high res print each.

Jessica and Sel

Absolutely - LOVE IT !
brosi gonzales

comin up feats

Dec .4, 6, 8, & 11 PBA Games
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Dec.11 UAAP Women's Volley
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