Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Images 102

Iba'ng May Pinagsamahan

 - Si RJ Azul at si Rey Guevarra -

- Si Rich Alvarez at si Enrico Villanueva -

Samahang PBA
- Asul naging Pula at Pula naging Asul -
- Si Eric Salamat at si James Martinez -

Kung mayroon sana akong kuha ni Mike Cortez at Mac Cardona o Joseph Yeo na magkasama, o si Mark Isip at si Arwind Santos nagbibiruan - bagay na bagay sa tema. Basta sa susunod, hahanap ako ng paraan.

In my PBA Philippine Cup Season 37 files - I have a shot of Beau Belga fouling Mike Cortez [the image catches Belga's hand hitting Cortez' face] [I'll eventually post it - can't say when, though].   I haven't found more incriminating shots of Belga's behavior - though I've actually seen him foul opponents in a "bad way" several times, at that. Thing is, I remember distinctly, FOUR separate instances where a player of the opposing team wanted to beat the hell out of Belga, and teach him a lesson or two [he deserves to be taught more than that].  Once it was Asi, the other two on-court incidents - I actually forget now - but the most recent one is during a Rain or Shine vs Ginebra game where after being hit on his head AND face  by Belga - "Cool Cat" Mike Cortez simply wants to give a huge serving of knuckle sandwiches to Beua real bad  -  - course, Mike's Gin King team mates pacify him.

Once I get a couple of more images of Belga's Bad Behavior, I'll post them and title the entry " Iba Talaga Pag Ika'y Natamaan - [ni Beau Belga]"

Seriously ? Yes, Seriously.
['Twon't be long]

brosi gonzales

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