Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday the 19th

October 19, Wedenesday
Araneta Coliseum

Barako Bull   vs   Talk & Text
                                                100                        86

Early on, it was Mick Pennisi who was racking up the points.

Ababou leaves his defender behind for a sure one.
Dylan put in 20 while Mick contributed 18 points.

Dillinger scores a three just as the 1st half ends.
Jared totalled 10 points.

- Miller Time -

It was Willie Miller who led all scorers with 27 markers.

Miller stayed on court the longest too, he accumuluated 39 minutes.
From beyond the arc [3-5] and from 2-point range [9-12],
60% and 75% respectively - a good shooting night for Willie.

Reyes tries to scoop one one in between Maliksi and Pennisi.
Ryan scored 16, next to tream mate  Jayson Castro's 23.


Japeth slams one in.
Aguilar made only 2 of his 7 field goal atempts.

In the Zone - Pennisi

and Miller.

Rain or Shine   vs   Meralco

During the 1st Half, with the Elasto Painters behind by 1 [23-24],  
Ronjay Buenafe rattled of 6 straight points.  From this point on,
 they never relinquished the lead, eventually winning the match,
despite a spirited 4th Quarter rally by the Bolts.
[All of Ronjay's 9 points came in the 2nd Quarter]

Espinas being defended by Norwood.
Espinas contributed 19 points, Norwood pitched in 14.

Gabe gets open for mid range J from the left.

After being limited to 9 points in the 3rd Quarter, and being behind by as much as 23 points,  the Meralco Bolts [led by Chito Lanete] 
came charging back, scoring 35 big ones in the last 12 minutes.
[Lanete put in 12 of his 14 point total in that strech]

-  Nothing Personal ? -
Asi Taulava complemented Lanete's scoring, pumping in 8 points, in the 4th but Ronnie Matias [who earlier in the end of the 1st Half had a brief exchange of unpleasantries with the Tongan]
 plastered Asi in this play.

The Bolts had Lanete, the Elasto Painters had Lee. 
Paul managed to get into the paint [one too many times] 
to score clutch baskets [picture below].

He scored 9 points in the 4th.

3 of Gabe's 14-point total and 4 of Larry's 11-point total
helped settle the issue.

Wouldn't know if these were Meralco or Rain or Shine fans -

All I know is that they simply felt at home -

and had a good time watching the game.

Will miss the PBA matches at Cuneta this Friday
 but I hope to be back at the Araneta on Sunday, the 23rd.

brosi gonzales

                                                   89                         84

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