Monday, October 24, 2011

Urinalysis In A Hotel Room

October 22,  Mandarin Hotel

Last Saturday, I was tasked to document [with a still camera and a video cam] a Sweat Test [by Gatorade].  Two celebrities - Jaymie Pizzaro and  Anthony Pangilinan - were at the forefront of this procudure.  They underwent a series of tests - which involved urine sampling, running on a treadmill [for a specified period of time], monitoring the amount of sweat they excreted and the amount of hydration [liquid replenishment] they took while running, and the measurement of other variables on, during, and after their time on the treadmill. 

It wasn't as exciting as shooting a soccer or a basketball game but it compelled me to use my macro lens [which I never bring to a match] and, among other things, taught me a thing or two about urinalysis.  Just had to exercise a little more patience.  After all was said and done - and downloaded to my laptop  - I could safely say that I had done a simple, decent job - and had taken a few casual souvinier snaps for this blog.

Yes, that'a urine sample being placed on the sensor of the chisel shaped end of a "refractometer" [one can see the the full length, profile, of the gadget on the picture below].  Notice how the analyst peeps at the eyepiece on the opposite end of the piece.  What he will view is a vertical chart, similar to that of a thermometer, which will give him a numerical reading which will then translate to measurements of certain variables. 
This data will then be the basis for the urinalysis.

It does help to point the refractometer agains a strong light source to have the chart well lit, ths making the graph/reading very clear.

One has to make sure that the lid, which closes and secures the urine on the refractometer sensor, is repeatedly cleaned, to make sure that each urine sample is free from contamination. 

That's one of several patches that  Jaymie, and also Anthony,
had to wear during the Sweat Test. 

Both participants had to do the treadmill for approximately an hour and a half.
In order to to simulate New York weather, at this time of the year, the room was prepped up [with the aid of additional airconditioning equipment],
the temperature being lowered, several hours before the actual test.
Everyone was advised to bring several warm clothing the night before.

Another patch, which would react [discolor] depending on the amount of on one's sweat,is shown being secured on to Anthony's forehead. 
 I belive that's Hannah, one of anthony's daughters, in the background.

- Mission Accomplished -
Marcia Cruz, Anna Romero - both from Group M, and
Anthony Pangilinan, are all smiles at the end of the day.


Actually, Jaymie, accompanied by son Anton [10] anddaughter Nia [6], 
 came early and had some time to pose for beside the window.

- One More, for the Road -.
Marcia, Anna, Jaymie, and Oz Arcilla

By the time I left Mandarin, it was  around 6 past.
[Glad to finally loose the three layers of clothing
I had  been wearing for close to 4 hours.]

brosi gonzales

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