Monday, October 17, 2011

My UFL-PBA Sunday

From UMak to Araneta

Barely caught the end of the UFL Army-Garuda match were the the Indonesians were massacered by the Pinoys.  [10-0 -- 12-0, thereabouts]  [I never bothered to clarify]  At least, I got to witness the 2-0 win by Pachanga over the Stallions.  Credit goes John Bedic [28th minute] and to Oljamiren Christopher, from Nigeria [44th minute].  That was an intense match. 

Then I had to rush to the Araneta to catch, hopefully, at least the 4th Quarter of the Petron vs Shopinas game, which was handily won by the Blaze [98-87].
That loss gave Shopinas a 0-3 win-loss slate.

Another team that went down 0-3 was Alaska.  Powerade, coached by Bo Perasol, made sure Joel Banal's boys would stay winless.  Gary David punctuated the 12 point W over the Aces [79-67] with a 26-point performance.

Here are some photos from UMak and Araneta.

October 17, Sunday
University of Makati  [UMak]

Army   vs   Garuda
                                                    11                  0

Pachanga Red Pheonix    vs   The Stallions
                                         2                                      0

Pachanga team player, AK, wears jersey #47.
[I'd take the same # too, that is, if my initials happened to be AK]

- Stallion Jason Cordova - 

Pachanga-1   Stallions-0
John Bedic [#8] scores in the 28th minute.

Pachanga's Shirmar Felongco [#27] tries to cushion a fall.

Felongco  [#27] just seemed to appear at my LCD screen
 time and time again.

Among the Stallion and Pachanga players,
Felingco had the most number of shots in my SLR, and good ones, at that.

Diop, a Nigerian, sports #21 for Pachanga.

Christopher Oljamiren, from Senegal, wears Jersey #24.
He put Pachanga ahead [2-0] in the 44th minute.
[Missed that shot - I was a second too late]

Ovtober 17, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

Petron    vs.   Shopinas
                                                    98                 87

Petron frontman Arwind Santos, again, fuels a Blaze win,
this time over the Shopinas Clickers.
Although he was third in scoring, with 16 points -
Miranda and Lutz put in 18 and 17, respectvely -
Santos got 21 boards [8 offensive].
Sena, Shopinas' leading rebounder, managed 12.

Former brothers-in-arms/comrades/Knights RJ Azul and Rey Guevarra
share a light moment after the Petron win.
I love capturing simple, fleeting moments like these -
[that say so much]
- they're actually harder to catch than action shots.

Powerade   vs.   Alaska
                                            79                  67

- First half action -
Cyrus Baguio and Tony de la Cruz try to steal the ball from Sean Anthony.

3 points in 36 minutes on the floor, and 1 out of 10  field goal shooting -
not the kind of performance one would expect from LA Tenorio.

Except for a few brief moments in the 2nd Quarter, 
Alaska never really got to make any headway. 
Time and time again Powerade would take them of their rythm.

Former Ateneo team mates Doug Kramer and LA Tenorio
 contest a rebound.

Gary David's 26 points [helped along by 8 of 13  2-point shots made]
made him the game's MVP.

brosi gonzales

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