Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday the 14th

Talk and Text    vs   Rain or Shine
                                             107                            93

Ronjay Buenafe charges into Ryan Reyes in this bit of first half action.
Buenafe contributes 7 points for RoS while Ryan Reyes puts in 19 for TnT.

J.R. Quinahan plays good D against Ali Peek.

Jason Castro, intercepts a pass intended for Paul Lee.

Castro puts the finishing touches on the Talk & Text win.
Jayson finishes with 18 points.

Harvey Carey proves to be the big difference, scoring 28 markers,
in the Texters triumph over the Elasto Painters.

Barako Bull   vs   Ginebra
                                                      88                    75

While the the Barako Bulls and the Gin Kings slug it out on the first half, 
Paul Lee stays around to dote on Gabe Norwood's baby boy, Cassius.

Ronald Tubid steals one from Willie Miller.

Some Caguioa fans - Unfortunately for them and their team
the Barako Bulls outhustle the Gin Kings all night long.

J.C. Intal misses all of his 4 field goal attemps and
 can only manage 42% [3-7] from charity lane, for a 3-point total.

I manage to steal a "close-up" smile here.
Great chops, Pretty face.

This former Growling Tiger and Smart Gilas team player
 puts in 20 points in 29 minutes. 
[60% 3-point shooting, 62% 2-point shooting, and 33% free throw shooting]
 Dylan Ababou is hands down, the game's MVP.

Another Barako Bull who puts in good numbers is Leo Najorda.
[50% 3-point shooting, 57% 2-point FG shooting,  50% free throw shooting]
He totals 12 points.

- Jessica Mendoza, Erika Padilla, aand Sel Guevara - Part of the PBA Family -
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- Just the way I like it -

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