Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Felt Like It

In A Studio and By The Pool

Occasionally I glance at my early work, some [my favorites]  of which are in my desktop and laptop now. [Yes, those were the days - film photography - learning the Hard Way - being compelled to have "perfect" exposures wihtin the limits of the number or rolls of film one had.  Tough, very tough - but it did teach me a whole lot and train my eyes to accurately visualize images in my head, way before I clicked the shutter.    Now, being at home with today's technology, I can't imagine shooting with film again  -- yet, if by some [FAT] chance there would be a photography competition where shooting with BLACK & WHITE FILM were required - I would jump at the chance. Thing is, all my film cameras are not working anymore - - [I did win 2 awards for a Canon Photo Contest Asia years ago  for two Black & White portraits] - - so I guess, shooting with film is out of the question now.  So, allow me, at least for now, to share [reminisce] with you two images, I captured with film, years ago.

I've never been that fond of Still Life Photography
[I've always been a People Photographer],
 but at the photo studio where I worked in before,  I managed to create
 a couple of interesting Still Lifes.  I used Kodak Color Transparency Film [EPP]
 to shoot this picture of a dismantled clarinet. 
 The lighting set-up was so difficult and I had to ask help from
 a co-photographer to get the lighting angles just right.
I had the image printed, kept it all these years, and eventually had it scanned.

 I used the pool as a backdrop for EliaC.
Used a Nikon Film SLR [with a 105mm lens] and
 35mm Fuji Color Negative Film to capture her profile.
As in the clarinet photo above, I scanned the original color print of the portrait.

brosi gonzales

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