Sunday, October 30, 2011

Less Than 12 Hours To My Flight

 Looking For Validation On The Last Game Date

A picture of Juami Tiongson dribbling,  JP Erram diving for a loose ball, another picture of Tiongson, this time slicing and dicing for two,  the images of the 4 DLSU Taft Goals which won them the Uni-Games Men's Football Championship, the lone Goal by UNO-R from the same game  -  I hope the few mentioned photos have validated my being tasked to do a job here, in Roxas City.   Yes, I actually accidentally deleted my Blue-Eagles-w/-Trophy photos, which my boss particularly looked for, I dropped my Canon high end SLR, w/ a 100-400mm lens attached, on the cement flooring of the Capiz Gymnasium  - and I'm on the verge of having a full blown fever  -  memories one would rather forget from a trip that's suppossed to be fun.  [Yeah, Right]

One just has to move on after such mishaps and just be more alert and focused next time around.

JP Erram dives for aloose ball.

Juami Tiongson slices and dices for two.

--- Not In My House ---
Deyts, as some guys call him, scowls after a great save.
Cool !

But I like to think I did a decent job, learned a few more lessons when shooting out of town [partcularly in a place I totally abhor - check my earlier post -].  Maybe I contracted a virus somewhere, maybe it was a psychological thing - - -  *

My body's totally outta whack !!, My tummy's always complaining, My nerves have this very "uncomfortable tingle" which I cant seem to shake,  My boss said I'm "not the same", I even had a brief nightmare - and I remember trying to physically "shake" it off [I was aware it was a dream and I just had to wake up!, lest something freaky happen]   And I've NEVER felt this way in years!!  I do get exhausted in Manila, after long days, but exhausted in a "healthy way".
This place is just too unhealthy for me.

The Adamson Lady Falcons won the Women's Basketball Gold before
the Blue Eagels won their's.

[I found put from Coach that 6 of her players were vomiting the day previous.]
I was observing Buendia [top left], all throughout the match, and it was so obvious that she was under the weather [she looked very weak AND dehydrated - lampang lampa kung maglakad]
She impressed me when she managed to deliver clutch hits down the strech,
along with Penaranda, to seal the win.


Arturo Enriquez scores DLSU Taft's Goal #1.

--- Patay Kang Bata Ka ! ---
Nazir Talento is left open in front of the goal,
scores Goal #2

Don Rabaya outsprints his defender,
scores Goal #3.

--- A Measure of Respect ---
UNO-R's only Goal [3-1]

Al Bustamante puts the finishing touches [4-1] -  DLSU Taft !

West Negros was a worthy adversary -

 with the likes of Villariza [#3] faking out the Eagles time and again.

Some guys call him Zags, I call him Tonito.

* - - but whatever it was that made me sick in Roxas City, at this point, I couldn't care les anymore - In just a few hours, when I arrive at South Bay, Sucat, somehow I know I'll be well again - and ready for my next assignment , that is, after a HUGE YAWN and half a day of sleep

--- Archers Spunk ---

Where's Cupid when you need him ?

--- University of Negros Occidental Recoleto Pride ---


[a few more RANDOM JPEGs will be inserted in the next few days]

Will I end this post with a  Gwynning Smile . . .

or a Keeper's Kiss ?

brosi gonzales

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