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My First [and definitely last] Visit to Roxas City

Doing What I Have To Do

T___ I___ !!!  This place is just F___  S___tty !!!   But -- I gotta job to do -- So I'll do it to the best of my ability then take my flight home.  The Sights and the Sounds [and the Smell] of this place are just horrible.  The organization of the whole event is F___ Up, some athletes were complaining about the deplorable conditions in the classrooms they were staying in,  the football field has a smell [Man, it stinks to the high heavens!],  Jeez !  Grabe  Talaga !  But that's just me  and I can only speak for myself.

 The high point of my trip -- Nada. 

Well - I saw some UAAP Volleyball, Football, and Basketball friends and acquintances. A few snaps here and there, some good game photos --  some calling cards given away to advertise this blog.  WiFi all night long . . . .  What else is there to do here ?

God, I miss home !

Nyways - here are a few RANDOMLY arranged JPEGs from the past few days:

The Fighting Maroons Football Team
- Villareal Field -

Ian Garcia - Pon Cruz - Justin Depano - Nathan Octavio - Joerelle Garcia - Miguel Roy -
Nathan de Guzman - Nino Muros - Gabe Mendoza - Alfonso Ancheta - Deo Segunial -
Mike Simms - Anto Gonzales - Albert Francisco

Cobi Ochoa - Cholo de Vera - Shane Bucat - Penn Custodio - Jaric LaValle -
Russel Castro - Albert Yatco - Allen Serna

Thanks Jeric !!, for E-mailing me the names --  appreciate it.

The Lady Eagles Football Team
- Villareal field -

Tata Garcia, wearing the white shirt w/ an A, requested for a group photo after the Ateneo Lady Booters were eliminated by DLS Taft {1-0} 
Yet -- Just look at those winning smiles !  [Priceless!]
Anytime, Tata, just say the word.

The Lady Eagles Volleyball Team
- Baliwag Restaurant -

Front Three -    Gretchen Ho, Den Den Lazaro, Amy Tajima
Middle Three -  Ella del Rosario, Tasha Faustino, Sarah Cruz
Back Eight -      Jamenea Ferrer, Bea Tan, Fille Cainglet, Alyssa Valdez,
                          Dzi Gervacio, A Nacachi, Amy Amohiro, Mona Bagatsing

If the mood is right, I like serving JPEGs after every meal. It's fat free.

Ateneo vs La Salle Bacolod
Capiz Gymnasium

University of St. La Salle vs NU
Panay Civic Center

Erica Casas scores for Ateneo.

Cha Guancio scores for DLSU Taft.

Alesa Dolina of FEU scores vs UP.
[Dolina is not seen in the photo]

Alesa Dolina scores the winning goal,  this time, during the extension period,
 beating UST for the Championship [2-1].
[Again, too, Dolina is not seen in the photo]

Al Bustamante [#16] eludes the DLS Bacolod defense, scores,
 and gives DLS Taft a [1-0] win to arrange 
a showdown vs UNO-R for the Championship.

Al Bustamante

does a victory jig.

Way to go Dude !

Erica Casas [#10], one-on-one vs. Becca Formoso [#2] 
[DLS Taft-1   Ateneo-0]
The next two photos are from this game too.

Tasha Alquiros [#17], from DLS Taft, is flanked by two Ateneo booters.

Ces Trinidad [#14], from Ateneo, and Miel Ampil, from DLS Taft,
 battle for possesion.

[FEU-2    UP-0]

Volleyball players Xavier Senoren and Dzi Gervacio pose on the sidelines
just before an evening volleyball game at the Filamer Gym.

Juami Tiongson does a nifty move to the basket.

The Ateneo  vs  Adamson  match-up is the most exciting
Ladies' Volleyball duel at that point in the Uni Games.
I just love the tension between the two UAAP teams.
Ateneo wins this match.

Jovelyn Gonzaga [CPU] scores one against the Ateneo Lady Eagles
[who must manage w/out their top 6 players who have to fly back to Manila for the Shakey's V-League Invitational, that same morning].
CPU wins in three sets.

Lanky Maricar Nepomuceno [NU] streches for this one.
The NU Lady Bulldogs lose this match to USLS.

The USLS girls celebrate their victory over NU.

DLS Bacalod wins this game vs Ateneo [5-0].
Joel Bedia [#13] scores DLS Bacolod's 1st goal at the 26th minute.

DLS Taft   vs   DLS Bacolod
As the image above and the next three below show, DLS Bacolod has a lot of chances to score but Taft manages to make great saves time and again.

UNO-R   vs   Benilde
  [University of Negros Occidental Recolletos] vs [Benilde Blazers]

UNO-R   vs   Benilde

UST   vs   DLS Taft
UST wins this one via a penalty shoot out.
[see photo below]

This miss by DLS Taft gives the win to UST,
 [the penalty shootout goes the full route, players and keepers taking turns] 
setting the stage for an FEU-UST championship match.

Here is a 10-frame sequence taken during a DLS Taft football match - - -

- - where a non-call by the referees [which leads to a goal by DLS Taft's opponent]  triggers a confrontation between some DLS players and the refs.

DLS Taft Coach Hans Smit files an official protest the same day.

The next two photos show Alyssa Valdez and Gretchen Ho in a huddle 
sometime during the Ateneo Adamson match.

Teeth, Tongue, and Sweat -
No, this is not a toothpaste or mouthwash endorsement thing . . .

. . . I simply have to put captions to make my blog a little more interesting.

Ateneo beats Adamson in three sets but is eventually eliminated by CPU the next day.  Adamson, meanwhile, goes on to win two [one is vs UST] consecutive games, after the loss to the Lady Eagles, to advance to the Finals.

--- "Feel It !" ---
With barely 5 minutres to go in the DLSU Taft-vs-UNO-R
Men's Football Championship Match
 and the Archers ahead [4-1], I approach DLSU Lady Booters
Miel Ampil - Mica Henson - Cara Abaya - Lois Hain - Isabelle Montelibano
 - Adri Yniguez - Becca Formoso - [Please forgive me ! my list is incomplete] -
 Cha Guancio - and - Tasha Alquiros [in front]
and specifically tell them "Feel It!" .
 From that point on all I have to do is make sure everyone is in frame.
[I think, I even almost get hit by a stray soccer ball,
 since my back is turned towards the field]
Four clicks - Ten pretty smiling athletes - Whaddaya have?
A must-have for one's photo collection.

Insane smiles can arrest you but
the subdued ones can captivate you.
Camille Dayrit - Ines Lorenzo - Tata Garcia
All come to support their 4-peat Champion Blue Eagles
 at the Capiz Gymnasium during the Championship match vs West Negros.

The thing with wide angle lenses is that it makes fat/short
people fatter and shorter, and tall/lanky ones even taller and lankier.
Rookie Sarah Cruz' head reaches up to May's Tajima's nose.
Dzi and Den seem to be staring curiously behind.

Another wide-angle shot, this time,
showing Gwynn Capacio with and undergoal stab.
[Wide angle lenses also exaggerate distance]

The next five photos of the Ateneo Women's Volley Team were taken
during the Ateneo-DLS Bacolod hoops match at the Capiz Gymnasium.

--- Stage left ---
Used a medium telephoto lens for the image above and below
of Coach Parley with A, Mona, Bea, Alyssa, and Amy
during the ADM - DLS Bacolod  basketball game.

--- Stage Right ---
Sarah, May, Gretchen, Dzi, and Fille happily oblige.
"Maski simpleng kuha, maski papaano, masmaganda kung may kasaysayan"

A pair of jogging pants, three pairs of jeans . . .

and ten pairs of "vollyball legs".
No doubt these are well toned.


When I land in Manila, will rush home to unload, then scoot to Data Blitz to claim my pre-reserved DVD copy of Battlefield 3, [am a PS3 gamer]  [had requested an "L" size Battlefield 3 T-shirt previously] rush home, play the console for a few minutes - then sleep, sleep, sleep.

[FYI - All JPEGs in all my posts are compressed low res files.]

brosi gonzales

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