Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Days Off

After A Break

Being away from sports was actually good for me.  Had time to attend to non-sports related photography [did some portraiture, this time though, the material is something I don't intend to post]. My six-day sports-free Halloween break was suppossed to be about ten days, but hey, It's a free country.

Last Saturday -  I decided to check out the two UFL matches at Rizal and yesterday, Sunday, watched the tail-end of a blow-out [first game] and got some shots of a more exciting second game at the Araneta.

Here are a few images from the Nomads [1-0] win over Pasargad [second game].
[didn't take shots of the Air Force vs Manhur match - first game]

It was a hard fought match, both teams having had great opportunities to score, but it was Nomads' skipper Randy Musters [#14] 71st minute goal
that finally decided the outcome. [ I just missed the ball as it went sailing in, and ended up with an image of the Pasargad keeper crouching in disappointment -
[not blogworthy enough for me].

Come Sunday, I arrived at the Araneta just as the 3rd Qtr of the Barako Bull - Powerade match was ending, to find out that the Bulls probabably made the record books by posting the biggest lead any team has had this season - a whopping 51 point margin ! Final was [Barako Bull-117] - [Powerade-78]. 
 Didn't bother to take any photos of that last quarter though.

The second PBA game [Talk n Text vs Ginebra] was more exciting, but it wasn't as close as most of the fans hoped it would be.  The Tropang texters won over the Gin Kings [86-71].

Ryan Reyes [#10]

Kelly Williams [#21]

Jared Dillinger [#20]

Jayson Castro [#17]

Ryan Reyes, Kelly Williams, Jared Dillinger, and Jayson Castro all scored double figures [20, 19, 14, and 13 points respectively] combining for 66 of the total 86-point output of the Texters while Mark Caguioa and Mike Cortez [14 and 11 points respectively] combined for 25 points of the 71-point total output of the Gin Kings.  Field goal percentage wise, both teams registered 35%+ but the 59-44 advantage on the boards by Reyes' boys over Tanguincens' said a lot. Of Talk n Text's 59 boards, 21 were offensive  - the Gin Kings took down only a total of 5 offensive boards. The Texters  had 20 turnover points to the Kings' 4.  Talk n Text was simply a better team than Ginebra last night.

 And for all you Angelicopter fans out there -

I'm sure you guys will like these two stolen photos of Chopper 
which I took earlier that evening.

brosi gonzales

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