Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Quickie With Cassy Tioseco

Yes, I love Quickes - - -
of the Photographic Kind

Last summer I occasionaly watched the basketball games of a neighbor of mine who played for the DLSZ High School Varsity Women's Team.  After one of their matches versus AC [Assumption Convent] held at Southville last March, I introduced myself to Cassy Tioseco [whose younger sibling, Cammy, was playing for AC].  At that time, I had remembered Cassy from some rarely televised Ateneo Lady Eagles UAAP basketball matches from her last three playing years, when she helped Ateneo win two UAAP Women's Basketball Championship Crowns [2005 and 2007]. 
 [During those years I wasn't into sports photojournalism yet]

She was very sociable, friendly, and simple [in a charming way] - easy to converse with.  Naturally, we talked about sports [her UAAP experiences] and sports photojournalism.  She introduced me to Cammy, who had just come out of the showers, and also to her mom.  And within ten to fifteen mintes into our conversation I was able to convince her to pose for On-the-Spot Portraits.
--  [I like] -- 

Simple lang ang diskarte ko. With over two decades of film portraiture under my belt, asking people to pose for impromptu [available light] portraits is second nature for me.  [Not that I ask everyone I meet - that's totally ridiculous].  One can easily sense which situations are OK for that. And there are certain people who are so relaxed with themselves, so self-assured that I can't help but ask them nicely for portraits if I can sense they're up to it.

Ibang mga tao "Gets Mo" agad, hindi ba ?  Alam mo hindi sila plastic maski bago mo silang kilala.  MAGAAN ang dating. Pag ganoon ang tao ang sarap kunan ng litrato. Ganoon lang kasimple yoon.

Cassy is that kind of person.

Weeks later, I gladly personally gave her a CD with the
10-20 or so shots from that fine Saturday morning in March.
[Her On-the-Spot portraits, along with younger sibling Cammy,
were taken in the Southville School 4th Floor Basketball Gym, Paranaque,]

Another person who I had the pleasure of taking On-the-Spot portraits of, 
 on the same moring that I met her, is Thistle Guevara of ABC 5. 
Her portrait banners a previous blog entry which I titled
"Sel- A [Sizzling] Sight For Sore Eyes".

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