Friday, September 9, 2011

Round 2 - UE-DLS and ADM-UST

Aug.20, Saturday
UE-74   DLS-69
ADM-82   UST-57

- - -  Another Upset - - -

The 2nd Round has always seen the plot thicken - bringing in more surprises as teams make adjustments.

Unlike their 1st Round encounter, where the Archers schooled the Warriors, letting them eat their dust, the second meeting of DLS and UE saw a more confident UE team.  They had made their defensive adjustments and managed to stay close to Pumaren's Gang Green for three quarters.

Although he put in only 4 points, Red Warrior Lucas Tagarda
led UE in rebounds [11] and assists [4].

Once a Red Lion, now a Red Warrior, 
Chris Javier witha putback 2.

Veterans Paul Zamar and Simon Atkins
[both in their last playing year]

 in a mad scramble for the ball.

Another veteran, John Noble, charges right into the heart of the DLS defense.

DLS led [19-17] at the end of the 1st Quarter, but come haftime,
the Warriors were up by 4, and entering the 4th were still ahead [56-54].
For the UE Red Warriors then[in the last 10 minutes] it was just a matter of maintaing their composure, getting stops, and executing at the homestrech.

Tagarda again, this time with an undergoal drive versus Villanueva.

Archer Van Opstal is greeted by a phalanx

of Red Warriors.

They did finish what they started -
 eventually upsetting the favored Green Archers [74-69].

On the other hand, the following match had no surprises.
Top seed Ateneo dominated the inconsistent Tigers.
[who had just been through a heartbreaker of a loss to FEU just days before].

The Tigers domination of the boards was there [51 to Ateneo's 48] but the
Eagles fied goal and free throw percentages told the tale.
Ateneo registered a 41% in the field goal department to UST's 26%
while clipping 90% in the free throw lane to UST's 56%.

Ateneo led by 18 at the half and by 31 [68-37] entering the last quarter.
From then on it was just a matter of cruise control for Coach Norman Black
 who had the luxury of being able to give minutes to ALL his boys.
Ateneo won by 25 [82-57].

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