Monday, September 12, 2011

Aplomb, Blood, Sweat and Tears

Aplomb, Blood, Sweat and Tears

+ [Is that A Dirty Finger by Webb ?]

My DVDs with my Game Photos from Aug.21 to Sept.4 are still missing [AUURGH!]!, 
 have yet  to cover my blog backlog, but in the meantime, 
 here are some BTS [behind-the-scenes] moments that I just gotta share.

Just the way I LOVE IT.  When kid fans get involved with the games,
they do it without cursing or shouting unprintables [hindi sila bastos].
This pic is of a Blue Eagle fan.  Took this snap last Season 73, at which period I didn't have a blog yet.  I've noticed this fan a couple of times this
Season 74, but my shots of her as of late aren't as good as of those last year.

- Animated Abigail Altamirano - TRU NU Fan -
I'm always trigger happy when Coach Eric's little Abigail is around.
This is the 2nd time I've posted a pic of her.
Hope Eric Altamirano will coach NU again next Season 75
AND that he brings his Abiagail as often as possible.


At the halftime break of the DLS-UP match, the Drumline of the Animo Squad of De La Salle showcased their "flag routine".  The young flag bearers threw and twirled these metal poles to the beat of their fellow drumliners.
 During in the routine, one of them got hit on the forehead
 by the bottom end of his own flag pole.

Bloodied but unbowed [notice the blood on his left hand], he continued to finish the routine and then had himself rushed to the nearest ER.
His team mates mentioned to me [a few days after] that,
his blood even spattered in some of their jerseys.
Fortuntately, no stitches were required,
 but I heard he has a "C" shaped scar on his forehead.

I did ADMIRE his composure.
This guy's a Team Player.
His pals call him Adi.
Interestingly, his full name is ADIMRE Mariano.

We all know who this hotshot Tamaraw guard is.
For FEU to make it to the Finals Romeo has to
make life very miserable for the Falcons two straight games !!


Another Season 73 UAAP BTS pic from my files.
Courtside reporter Erika "Rikki" Flores hurting after an upset loss
to a less seeded team.  This was taken at the UP Softball Field.

My favorite "Tears Photo" as of late.
Simon Atkins in a senti moment with Jopet Mendoza,
right after he played his last game as a Green Archer.


- Non-stop action - down to the last second -
 The Elimination Round started with an FEU-DLS match and
ended with another FEU-DLS match.
Even with the game already in the bag for FEU,
Joshua Webb wanted to cap his season with a drive in the last few seconds,
but Tamaraw Bruise Brother, Mark Bringas, would not allow hit.
Webb skied for the twinner and Bringas sent it all the way to the bleachers.
0.00 !! Game Over !!  Whatta Play !!

Upon closer scrutiny of my LAST action shot of the elims,
I zoomed in on the image and noticed Webb's fingers.
You guys be the judge of it.
I'm just a photographer.

I don't want to cap this blog post with tears or a finger.
Am ending it with a simple photo of
Charming Green Gals Christine Barreiro and Erica Alcantara.

brosi gonzales

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