Thursday, September 15, 2011

Final Four - ADM-UST and FEU-AdU

September 15, Thursday

Ateneo  vs.  UST
- Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Respect -

- Blood -

- Sweat -

- Tears -

- Respect -

The story about the UST Growling Tigers in this year's Season 74 UAAP Men's Basketball Tournament is not only about Fortuna, Camus and Pido Jarencio, or Blood, Sweat, and Tears - [not to take away anything from the other teams who also did their damn best] - - -It is about Respect. 

Not at all seeded to make it to the Final Four, [Most people expected last year's quartet of ADM, FEU, AdU, DLS to end up in the Magic 4], Pido's boys surprised everyone, and at the end of the eliminations, had secured a hard earned Final Four Ticket. 

The UST Growling Tigers had overachieved -- and even scared the hell out of Norman's boys -- almost forcing an overtime - had not Fortuna missed a last second three-pointer, and possibly arranging a knockout match vs. the formidable Blue Eagles on Sunday, September 18. 

The Blue Eagles prevailed, in that twice-to-beat match, but only by a measly
 3 points.

Here are a few more interesting moments from that match.

Slaughter blocks Karim Abdul.

Salva swoops in for two.

Long plays Sharp D.

Chua blocks Fortuna.
-After this block Monfort got the ball and streaked to the basket,
only to be blocked by Chris Camus, after which,
 UST regained possesion of the ball-

FEU  vs.  Adamson
- Day of the Tamaraw -

- Chest Bump -

- Mr T -

As expected, the FEU-Adamson match filled the Coliseum to the rafters.  [The tickets to the ADM-UST game and FEU-AdU were sold separately] 'Twas a sea of Blue with White, and Yellow with Green as early as 2:30.  The Adamson community felt this match was just going to be a formality os sorts, supremely confident that after their Falcons humiliated the Blue Eagles last Sept.10, that they [the Falcons] were the team to beat now, and with twice-to-beat advantage, it [the Last Finals Slot] was already in the bag.

- Too late the slam -

The expected Adamson rally came, as Nuyles finally hit his stride, with a whole lotta minutes to play,  but the Tamaraws simply did not let this one go They had the likes of Garcia, Romeo, and Ramos to help them keep their composure - and they did - eventually force a knockout match on this Sunday.

But not if the Battle Scarred Tamaraws could help it. Nuyles and Company mustered only 7 points in the 1st Quarter, and it was almost 3 minutes into the 2nd Quarter when the Falcons got out of that hole. The Tams had made sure that the Firey First Quarter Falcon Show would not be "aired" [excuse the pun].

The Adamson hoopsters had their looks but the ball would simply rim out, they scrambled for the loose balls, challenged every rebound [offensive and defensive] - but he ball would  always end up in the hands of a Tamaraw.

It came to a point when Eric James [Camson] almost lost his cool against Gryann Mendoza in a rebound play in the 2nd Half.  Leo's boys  simply could not believe that Bert's undermanned crew were controlling the tempo of the match.

As I mentioned in a previous post [Aplomb - Blood, Sweat, and Tears],
to make it to the finals, Terrence Romeo has to make
 life miserable for the Falcons - and that's exactly what he did.
Now, we have a winner-take-all match for the Last Finals Slot on Sept. 18.

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