Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Only a Few Steps and Clicks Away

Good Friend, Good Father

In the Village where I stay,  I've four neighbors - Pio, Jun, Mac, Alvin, all of whom I occasinally get to play basketball with.  Among them Alvin, or Bino, as some other guys call him, is the closest to me.  -> Decent guy, good boss, good provider, and a loving husband with a four month old child.  [I featured a portrait of Andrew in a previous post]

One busy day, after finishung my errands, I managed to make it to Alvin's before dark, hopefully to take available light portraits of the little one [I've been trying to do portraits of his child every month he grows older].  This time, I Knew 'twould be a strech because the sun had just set as I rang the doorbell.

A simple remembrance of little Andrew Garcia's fourth month.

Dramatic low-key images where what I had in mind, but being very keen on the fading ambient light,  I decided, as I was enetering Alvin's living room, that "quickie" silhoutte shots would be a lot easier for me to execute with the dusk light also very fleeting [in 5 or so minutes I knew too that darkness will have fallen]   Briefly explaining to Bino what I wanted, I rushed him to raise his child in the middle of the street a couple or so times [7, to be exact] and did my thing.

Wether a portrait shoot takes 30 minutes, an hour, 5 hours is an arbitrary matter.  It's always the end goal/result that matters.  [One time, I did spend one whole day taking photos of this girl, between breakfast, lunch, merienda,
- of course THAT was fun, considering I was in love with her -> photos were OK of course].  With Alvin and his child, somehow, I'm glad I arrived later than I had planned - hence the silhoutte option.  'Twas all good.  Am happy with my snaps - took only about a minute.

brosi gonzales

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