Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tigers Triumph

July 17, Sunday

The absence of frontman, 3-point shooter Clark Bautista [out for the season due to academic deficiencies]  hasn't been much of a concern for UST, now that they have Rookie of the Year contender Kevin FerrerThis time, he again proved why he is is in the same mold as Ravena or Parks, as he led his team to their second straight W [70-63].

Kevin Ferrer takes a three.
He was UST's top scorer with 19.

Jeric Teng foul baits.
Teng was UST's 2nd highest scorer with 13.

Paul Zamar, the only real veteran Warrior,
being smothered by the Tigers' D.

The inexperience of the Warriors was very evident in the first three quarters as they were outscored by the Tigers by 3 points in the 1st, 10  points in the 2ndand then 8 points in the 3rd quarterBut the Warriors bench stepped up in the last quarter and almost upset the Tigers.  Jarencio's boys managed 10 points only as Codinera's put in 24 in the 4th.  It wasn't enough, though,to beat UST.

It will be your misfortune, if you leave this Tiger open.
Jeric had 13 points, and was the Tigers' 3rd leading scorer.

He's like a young boy in a big man's body -- Karim Abdul.
Had a chance to take some portraits of him at the dugout [post game] and
I could somehow feel how much he misses home, Cameroon, and sense much pride he has, despite his humble demeanor.  I can only wish him the best.
This rookie made double figures in the match.  Great effort Karim !

Bench scoring saw UE outclass UST [61-22].  In 2nd chance points UE did better too [12-10] The Warriors fared better in the paint [13/31-->41.94% for 26 pts. as compared to UST's 10/30 -->33.33% for 20 pts.  On the other hand,   UST's outside shooting, starter points, and turnover points gave them the overall advantage over UE.  Four Tigers [Ferrer, Teng, Fortuna, Abdul] scored at least 10 pts. while only Zamar and Sumang scored over 10 for UE.

Some notable stats:
                                       UST          UE
Bench scoring                     22           61
Points in the paint              20           26
2nd chance points                2           12
Perimeter points                 33           23
Starter scoring                    48            2
Turnover points                   18            7

Quarter scoring:
                              1st      2nd      3rd      4th
UST                         11        24       25       10       =73
UE                            8       14        17       24       =63

The UST Growling Tigers are now on top with the Ateneo Blue Eagles.
Both teams have 2 wins and no losses.

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