Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Siblings [Generations Apart]

Mother & daughter, father & son, couples, team mates, twins, grandpa & grandchild, grandma & grandchildren, threesomes, a barkada of 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, a seminar group of a hundred, two hundred people, boss & employee, band member & manager, president & vice-president, doctor & patient -- and the list goes on -- name it, I've got it in my portrait archive  -- different subject combinations, pairings, whatever -- in a single photo.  Of course, it goes without saying that I've got hundreds, if not a few thousand solo portraits.

As I've mentioned in a recent entry [A Mighty Portrait], my "photographic roots" are in available light portraiture  --  I've been doing it for almost 2 decades.
And still am loving doing it now.

 High Five.
My mom, Lydia [white hair], and her sister, Inez, plus
  Seth and Xian [kids of my cousin Martha], plus
a Jollibee model.

Fast forward to last July, 8, Friday, when I  brought my parents to have a snack with my aunt, [my mom's sister] my first cousin, and a pair of "pamangkins".
We got stuck in horrible C-5 northbound traffic somewhere near McKinley Hill, my car air-con wasn't working, and the rain was pouring.  Bad trip, [very uncomfortable] bad scheduling for a weekend salo-salo [8-10 p.m., C-5 northbound lane near Market-Market on a Friday evening with rainy weather -- what was I thinking ?].

We barely made it in time; My aunt and cousin and pamangkins were just about to leave when we arrived.  Anyway, that was all but forgotten since my parents [mom-88, dad-85], my aunt, my neice and neph all had a wonderful time. One need not treat one's old folks at fancy restos - a very simple, decent place like Jollibee C-5, J.Vargas [mostly car-riding patrons, not masses of people, go there, the air con is cold, and it never is that crowded] can suffice - It's the company that counts.

For me, simple no-occasion-get-togethers, are even BETTER photo ops than such as b'days and anniversaries [where one's attention tends to be spread], so I always make sure I make a LOT of nice, well crafted images of such. 

brosi gonzales

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