Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bobby Ray & Coy Post First Win

July 17, Sunday

NU's Thursday, July 14, overtime loss UST was probably haunting the Bulldogs as they went on to tackle the confident UP Maroons last Sunday.  In the dying seconds of the overtime period Bobby Ray took it upon himself to convert a J that could have won it for the Bulldogs.  He missed.  Come Sunday, the prize rookie made sure that NU would win with lots to spare. [75-66]

  Bobby Ray Parks.
  A Sunday best of 30 pts. in 35 minutes.
He had an 83.3% 2-pt. field goal clip. 

Lee Villamor.
A promising rookie, here scoring a clutch three from 9 o'clock.

Fighting Maroon Jose Manuel.
Making the Moves -- This guy hit 21 pits. in 22 minutes.
[3-pt. scoring 2/5 4o%]  [2-pt. scoring 6/9 66%]  [foul shots 3/4 75%]

[Mike Silungan's 5 pt. performance was a crucial factor in UP's loss]

Although UP had more rebounds [45-42], scored more in the paint [46-22], had 23 fastbreak points against NU's 6 --  It was in the free throw line were the Bulldogs left the Maroons eating dust [21 out of 25 foul shots made as compared to 6 out of 11 foul shots for UP].  NU outscored UP from the perimeter [32-14] too.

Quarter scoring:
                        1st     2nd     3rd     4th
NU                    24       16      19      16    =75
UP                    15       28      10      10    =66

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