Monday, April 2, 2012

UFL Saturday

Tang Ina !!   Pukpukan !!!

Sparks Fly As
Air Force Rallies from a 3-1 Deficit &
 Ties The Match In The Last 10 Seconds !!!

  [Meralco-3    Air Force-3]

[FYI, all JPEGs are compressed to less than 100kb -
original file sizes go as high as 8 MB]

Don't follow the UFL that much but come March 31, Saturday [a few days ago at the U Mak], another match between Air Force Pheonix & the Meralco Sparks was slated and I simply didn't want to miss it.  Last time around, the Flyboys beat the Sparks, and o route to [correct me if I am wrong] their 5th UFL Crown.  Everybody knew Meralco wanted payback and was anticipating a great match.  Nobody was disappointed.  

Early goings - - 
Full throttle on both sides !
[just what the UFL fans relished]

- Stamping His Authority -
Both sides want to win Real Bad and
both sides do whatever it takes to win.

Younghusband scores ! 
 [Meralco-1   Air Force-0]

Araneta scores on a free kick !
[Meralco-1   Air Force-1]

 Hartmann scores !
[Meralco-2   Air Force-1]

 - Controversial non-call after Ian Arenata touches the ball -
[I saw it with my own two eyes !]
and an infraction is called on Meralco  --
so when play resumes Air Force is awarded the ball !!

My images speak for themselves.
Do I really need to put captions ??

Air Force bungles a penalty kick !
[Meralco protects its 2-1 lead]

Emotions are at fever pitch all throughout - with non-calls, and
 questionable ones fueling the frenzy of Meralco and Air Force fans alike.

- Without a doubt - A great match to photograph -

-Tenacious ! -

- Fierce !!

- Wild and Wooly -

- Lottsa Thrills and Spills -

- Any which way but loose -

What a Kick-Ass match !!

Younghusband scores again !!
[Meralco-3   Air Force-1]

 - Dynamic Duo -

- No quarters given -

 - Bound To Happen -
Haven't seen that many a Meralco match,
 but this was the first time I witness Phil
aching to give a knuckle sandwich to an opponent.

 Wonder if his "Guuardian Angel" was around.  
But, hey, can't blame the guy, he was a marked man from minute #1
 and the Flyboys tried every trick and stunt in the book to stop him.

 The Sparks think they have the game in the bag, 

 even after James gets a red card.

 But the the highly improbable and unthinkable happens -
when Araneta ties the match, with barely, literally, a few seconds left !!.

 'Twas a won game for the Sparks ends in a deadlock.
Now, that REALLY hurts.

- Whatta Game !!! -

As for me it's ---> Photography 'Til I Die 

brosi gonzales

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