Sunday, April 1, 2012

89.9 Magic

JPEGs For Brunch
 [10 a.m. till 12 noon at Magic 89.9]

Recently, I had the privilege of shooting two hours photo interpreting a Junior Jock Program, on location at Magic 89.9, at the Paragon Plaza high rise in Pasig.  As per arrangement, I had been expecting JJ Gia Jamias to be on board that fine Saturday moring w/,possibly DJ Pat [who runs the Junior Jock Program for Magic].  Turns out Bea Coronel, my neighbor [who I'd been wanting to take portraits of since after the UAAP Basketball Tourney] would be on board that day. Being senior [slightly more experienced], Bea would anchor and Gia would be the co-anchor, in a manner of speaking.

 - DJ Pat -

- Transition -
Minutes way before DJ Pat winds up, the girls are already prepped.

'Twas a first for me, shooting inside  a radio station booth, using available light.  As expected, the unique play of light presented pros and cons, and I simply had to manage. 'Twas fun - without a doubt - observing, listening, while being "invisible" and  visible [occasionally, to give cues to Bea and Gia, so I could have a combo of posed shots with stolen ones  -  yet at the same time difficult. I was trying to avoid distracting them while timing clicks.  Was constantly tweaking my exposure settings when changing angles and lenses, adjusting my shooting angles and lenses in relation to the shadows and hot spots all around the booth setting.  There were breaks/pauses/idle moments once in a while - pacing goes hand in hand with timing. Then, of course, even, before I started,  I made sure,  too, to have a brief chat w/ DJ Pat [He is the Man of  the House] so as to make sure my purpose was crystal clear and that I know house rules I might not be aware of.

- Oh so Easy on the Eyes -

After about two hours, I knew that my CFs had a mix of forgettable images  mixed with, hopefully, a high ratio of  good [sana great] pictures, which I would then have to scrutinize at home.  I was a better photographer after that shoot [there are ALWAYS mistakes to learn from and techniques to be honed], and I sincerely hope Junior Jocks Bea Cor and Gia Jamias will be happy with their images.  Here are but a few.

Never really know what kind of images I can come up with 
in a location shoot until I finally get there.  
That is, part of the challenge and "art of it all".

- Yes, My Element -
-  Available-Light-On-the-Spot Portraiture - 
 Love Doing It - Always Will

 - A stolen portrait of Gia -

Even, from my "distance" I was Allured and Charmed [to say the least], 
 just watching Bea and Gia Do What they LOVE -
 'Twas like they were doing Child's Play [I might add]. 
Gotta See It To Believe It ---> Saw It - Felt It - Photographed It

Am sure there are thousands of other young girls out there
 who would gladly grab the chance, given the opp,
 to do what these pretty AND intelligent 
[Bea's in UP & Gia's in Ateneo] gals do several times a week.

BTW, I did take some short HD segments, since my 2 DSLRS are HD capable.  That was tough too, trying to keep the DSLRS steady [didn't bring a tripod].  The videos had a very up-close-and-personal touch to them - which made me feel even very priveleged to have been allowed to "work" in that private setting.  Again, hope the girls will like the HD vids - they get copies, of course, and I hope it'll be a great addition to their treasure chests of  "Good Times".  BTW, I'm gradually teaching myself to be a better videographer too.
Gotta work my way up in that department.

Interestingly, as parting shots, I'd intended the girls to sit on the sofa - and as to how I might position them - I had no clue yet.  So, when it was time to shoot the last photos - I simply asked them to come over to the sofa - [and I was playing it by ear] - NOT surprisingly, the self-assured/confident girls they are, I didn't need to do any art direction.  Just had to make doubly sure my exposure settings were spot on.

I say, If ya got it - flaunt it !!

In portrait photo shoots, wether they be 5 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day -  w/ kids, show bizz, types, young, old, athlete, musician, quirky girl or guy - solo, pair, big group or whoever, whenever - one has to be in control YET allow the subject the breathing space to ad lib anytime.  One interesting thing, though, I've noticed with the better shoots - There were no Second Chances. 

All in all, location shoots, is always a great way to hone one's photographic skills.

Magic 89.9 Junior Jocks Bea Coronel & Gia Jamias

To DJ Pat - Bea Cor - Gia Jamias --->Thank You.

brosi gonzales

Next Up 
More Sports - UAAP Volleyball, Baseball, Football -
[Napakarami pang nakasalang]
- occasionally interspersed w/ portrait feats

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