Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wednesday the 8th

UAAP Women's Volleyball Tournament
Round 2 

Februay 8, Wednesday
Arena, San Juan

Eagles Repeat Over Lady Maroons
25-8    25-23    25-18

Gervacio and Cainglet Top Score for Ateneo

- Consistency -
Fille St. Merced Cainglet [#15] attacks.
Cainglet totals 13 points.

Lady Maroon Southlyn Ramos strikes as rookie Mae Tajima [#5] and veteran Jem Ferrer [#12] defend. Ramos, though, manages only 2 points in the match.

Dzi Gervacio [#6] follows Cainglet with 12 points.

Mae Tajima [#5] blocks Lady Maroon Captain Joyce Palad [#7].

[The next 5 JPEGs ahow Alyssa Valdez [#2] attacking]
Valdez totals only 4 points but Mona Bagatsing, 
Natasha Faustino, Bea Tan and Ella de Jesus combine for 19 markers.

- Kaboom !! -

- Game face -

- Butterfingers -
Southlyn Ramos can't seem to manage a free ball.

Bea Tan and Fille Cainglet [#15]

don't need to block an errant spike by UP.

Alyssa Valdez is more than happy to take a back seat and
 let her other team mates take over the scoring chores.

 When will the Nightmare end for the Lady Maroons ?,
who are now well on their way to their 13th straight loss.

Jem Ferrer [#12] and A Nacachi [#7] strech to block [#5] Neta Araneta's spike.

- Reason to smile -
The Lady Eagles have a firm hold on 2nd Place.

 Dzi Gervacio [#6]

 tries to put a soft one over the UP phalanx of
 Angeli Araneta [#5] and Joyce Palad.

 Ateneo libero Denise Michelle Lazaro [#13] takes care of business.

 A Nacachi scores.

"A", [from Aillyse carol], contributes 4 points in the Ateneo W.

 Jem Ferrer [#12] occasionally fakes, as if setting for her team mates
[notice Cainglet all set to spike from behind Ferrer],

 only to fashion a quick tap to catch opponents off-guard -

 but, this time, Neta Araneta [#5] is quick to react.

 But the one-two punch of Gervacio [#6]  [above] and Cainglet [#15] [below]

 are just too much for the Lady Maroons to handle.
Dzi and Fille combine for a total of 25 points

Everybody in Ateneo gets minutes [except for Gretchen Ho who has a minor injury - something to do with her fingers] - she hopes to be ready for the upcoming DLSU-ADM match to follow 4 days later.

Heading onto their last playdate [Feb.12, Sunday] in the eliminations,
the confident Lady Eagles are aching to exact vengeance on the
Defending Champs Lady Archers [who beat them in the 1st Round].

 brosi gonzales

Lady Archers Move A game Closer To A Sweep

Dispose of Bulldogs [3-0]

25-16    25-11    25-18

- As expected - Green Domination -

 - Precious May Salibad [#6] of NU -

 Carmina Aganon [#4] and a another Lady Bulldog make sure Mika Reyes [#3]
does not get her way at the net.
[above & below]

Veteran Lady Bulldog Maricar Mepomuceno [#8] shows us how it'd done
- but not if Archers Mika Reyes and Michele Gumabao can help it.

 - Nepomuceno gets this one through.

That's Andrea Marzan [#14] in the foreground in a defensive stance.

 Cha Cruz

 is blocked !

 - Gang of Two -
Gohing and Gumabao focus on the ball.

- The 1-2 combo of the Archers in action -
 [[next 2 frames]

 Mikaela Esperanza [#1] sets -

 Abigail Marano [#2] scores !

 Nepomuceno [#8] and Marzan [#14] deflect a Cha Cruz' [#11] spike.

- Impenetrable -
Who dares challenge the Archer phalanx of
Cha Cruz [#11] and rookie Mika Reyes [#3] ?

 Michele Gumabao and Abi Marano own the Bulldogs in this sequence.

 As in the vernacular - "Panis"

 La Salle is fortunate to have the likes of Mika Reyes,
[above & below]

 a reliable defensive presence for DLSU.
Three of her ten points come of blocks.

I heard that Reyes originally intended to enroll in Ateneo.
Remember - Former Lady Tam [and UAAP Champion], Rachel Ann Daquis originally went to UST to enroll but it just so happened that on that same day, she ended up going to FEU [nearby at Morayta] instead.

 - Mission Accomplished -
- Next up for the Lady Archers -> the Lady Eagles.

 - True Sport -

 Why am I not surprised ?
MVP candidate Abi Marano top scores, a-gain, for La Salle.

- The Courtside Reporter is the Girl Next Door.
[Looker Bea Coronel is my neighbor in South Bay Gardens in Sucat].

brosi gonzales

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