Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thursday the 9th - Part 1

UAAP Men's Football Tournament
Round 2

February 9, Thursday
Ateneo Campus

Archers Take on the Tigers [sans Batisla Ong & Ojay Clarino]

 - Moment of contact - Unseen by the naked eye but captured by an SLR -
Gregy Yang [white] heads the ball. 
 [That's Tiger Joel [#29] Bones behind him]

Archer Matt Nierras battles for control against an unidentified UST Tiger.
[next 2 frames]

 This time, it's Tiger Nic Palacio [#24] jumping against Matt [#3].
[next 2 frames]

 Matt Nierras goes for the ball, again, this time 
versus  Fremond Bito-onon [#13],

Nazer Talento [#17] wins this scuffle, 
leaving Nic Palacio [#24] grimacing on the ground.
 [2 frames below]

Hector Borromeo [#12] comes from behind Fremond Bito-onon [#13]
[next 3 frames]

to try to wrest control of the ball.

 Yup, that's Nathan Alquiros [#6 white] for the Archers.
Can't identify his defender, though.

Archer Gregy Yang [#20] versus Tiger Fidel Kue [#19]

 - Feeling It -
 Kenneth Parao [#7] beats Matt Nierras [#3] to the ball.

- Corner by UST -
[3 frame sequence]

 Clerance by Archer Gerald Layumas [#19].
That's Tiger Joel Bones [#29] beside him.

Veteran Juan Antonio Patag [#4] beats
 Joel Bones [#29] to the ball.

[next 4 frames]
Deyto [keeper] - Layumas [#19] - Parao [#7]

Gerald Layumas [#19] and Patrick Deyto hold fort for DLSU - 
foil UST Tiger Kenneth [#7]  Parao's attempt.
[and in this millisecond, "Deyts" strikes a Kung Fu pose]
O, Ano, Kaya Mo Yan ??

DLSU-1    UST-0

brosi gonzales

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