Friday, March 30, 2012


"My Grace Lee"

Quirky, Misleading title ? - not quite.  Here are a few 35mm film images of my American friend's half-Korean/half American neice, who i had the fortune of dating [As in taking her around the Metro bars and all sevX] - years back [film was the norm then].  I knew then that she would be here only for a few months but of course I couldn't help but - - - Now, let me NOT get into that. 

 This is a sports-portrait blog, not some relationship-oriented thingy.

Bottom line, Let me just share some images from a one-on-one photo shoot, which I did at her aunt's place, using studio lights and a cotton background.

Since these images are from scanned analogue prints, one will notice the smudges, and minute surface scratches on the photos.  No biggy for me.

There's an old song that goes - - - 
 "If you can't be with the one you love - Love the one you're with"

brosi gonzales

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