Monday, March 5, 2012

Kapitbahay Ko

My Neighbor Was A Vamp

Once upon a time, I lived alone in a condo in Makati.  It just so happened, too, that I had a very pretty neighbor, who was living in with her boyfriend at that time.  We became good friends, the girl and his beau, and as a result I was able to arrange 3 separate one-on-one photo shoots [1 evening, 2 daytime] of the girl in my living room/studio.

The 10 arbitrarily selected images that follow were taken with Fuji 35mm Color Negative Film. I used A Nikon D-90 Film SLR, along with studio lights and colored gels.  Scanned  the original  3R size analogue prints in my flatbed and saved the files as JPEGs, 
[Never bothered to "clean up" the images with any photo app, so one'll see how these old, old prints actually look like - scratches/imperfections and all.]

Those were the days -  The FILM Experience [and ALL its limitations] - 
-Taught me REAL Photography  in a way "Digital Stuff" will never ever do -

- All Untitled -

The girl is now a very accomplished/successful actress and has won numerous prestigious acting awards. One might just easily recognize her.  Do You ?

{As far as semi-nude/sensual images are concerned - I have a very modest collection - [all taken with Black & White Film] of some great lookers [famous and unknown]  BUT as much as I'd like to share them as posts - I never got to get a single release agreement consumated}

brosi gonzales

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