Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Journey

Over a Decade Since

I remember oh so clearly, as if it were just yesterday, the First Ever Football Class [Summer of 2001] of my nephew Inigo "Nace" Gonzales [born 1994].  I was there to photograph it - the first exercises [1st 2 indoor photos below] with a small junior soccer ball.  Eventually the classes moved outdoors [that's where the 3rd photo was taken] as the sessions continued. 

Fast-fast-fast forward to the present - Summer 2012 - and now I look at my nephew [4th photo] - a seasoned footballer [a veteran of many an NCR, RIFA, Alaska Cup, Xavier Cup, Junior Kaya game] about to enter college - and hoping to join the UFL [despite the option of playing in the UAAP] while pursuing a degree in engineering.

How time flies. 

What can I say ?  How do I encapsulate in photos [considering I did miss a lot of his matches] his 10+ years soccer odyssey ?  How do I present his evolution in a MOST interesting manner in this blog ? [He will be playing his last football match for Southridge in a few days]  I'm in no real hurry but it definitely will be no easy task. Maybe I'll stagger the postings - well, whatever - Just gotta start reorganizing my analogue and digital "Nace Gonzales" archives first.

For the moment here are four photos from my archives:

The next 3 photos were taken w/ Fuji 35mm Color Negative Film
 Last Summer of 2001 at Southridge School

Class # 1 - Lesson # 1 - Photo # 1 ! 
 [Nace is in red shorts]

- First Kicks ! -

 - First Outdoor Class -

Present Day - Photo # ??  [ I simply have lost count]

March of 2012
RIFA Phase II Semis at Xavier School

You've Come A Long way Dude -
- but the End of One Journey is Always the Beginning of Another.
God Speed - Nace !

[Love, Tito Bros]

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