Thursday, February 2, 2012

The UST Volleybelles

For All You UST Lady Tigresses Fans

Five of my Favorite "UST Volleybelles" Photos [as of late]
[Hope there'll be more to come]

As I was waiting for the last of the Lady Tigers to come out from the dugout 
[before I took this group shot] I was pleasantly surprised to see Maru Banaticla dressed up a bit more than her team mates and - - -

[Some were in flip-flops] no biggy [I actually liked the variety]. [The presence of Coaches Odjie Mamon and Vilet Ponce de Leon made the pic all the more complete].

- - - I simply had to take a quick snap of Maru -> just being Maru.
Albeit haphazardly taken, It is an endearing photo.
It is what it is.

- - - And B4 I forget - - -

Here are some memorable Lady Tiger Moments from their W over Ateneo.
[28-frame sequence]

brosi gonzales

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