Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eagles, Tamaraws Draw

January 19, Thursday
Ateneo Campus

UAAP Season 74 Football Tournament
[Round 1] [Women's] 

Ateneo   vs   FEU
 Draw [0-0]

This is actually the first Season 74 UAAP Football game I get to watch. As much as I'd like to, with my busy schedule, It's simply impossible for me to be present at all the match dates. [I also try to follow the UAAP Volleyball Tournament, which I enjoy as much photojournalising]

A few game photos follow :

Both camps have their opportunities to score but the Ateneo and FEU keepers manage to hold fort time and again.

Now, it wouldn't be football without the bad falls, 
non calls and bruised legs, arms, and egos - would it ?
[5 -frame sequence follows]

Not to mention the risk of very serious injuries - - -

- Anatomy of a great save by the FEU keeper -
[6-frame sequence follows]

 - Another one here -
[3-frame sequence follows]

FEU defends Lady Eagle Yvette Gaston [#8].
[6-frame sequence follows]

Lady Eagles Assistant Coach Tata Garcia gives the girls a talk after the match. 

brosi gonzales

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