Friday, December 9, 2011

LA Galaxy Press Conference

December 1, Thursday
Shanri-La, Makati

Here are a few snaps from the LA Galaxy Press Meet at the Shang:

- The Wait -

Jonas Terrado of Bulletin makes use of his time while
waiting for the press con to commence.

Sportswriters Mark Goinco and Celeste Flores, on the other hand,
 are probably tweeting, in this snap.

Don't think it's necessary to put captions below the next photos.
We all know who the subjects are, Right ?

I get to shake Mr. B's hand shortly after this photo.
That was enough for me that night.
Aly Borromeo / Rick Olivares / David Who ??

- Ernie Nierras and Rick Olivares -
- Buddy Buddies -

Rick poses w/ some LA Galaxy players.
[above and below]

Cedelf Tupas / Aly Borromeo / Rick Olivares

- Media collegues of mine -
Good Times !

Ryan Fenix [left] / Rick Olivares [middle] / Natasha Gutierrez [in black]

I was composing a threesome photo until . . .

Frankly - I find it ill-mannered and rude [pare, nakakaasar] [gusto ko sanang i crop out, pero masisira ang "composition" ng kuha ko] when I'm taking a group picture and somebody just barges in and includes himself in the group. But I simply am not the kinda guy to ask the "assungot" to leave -[Gotta be tactful and "not rude"]  By instinct I snap, before the "moment" is lost.

Yup, but that's just me.

Maybe next, I'll be the rude one, hu ?
Just Kidding

* * * 

I steal this snap of Natasha Gutierrez while I am patiently waiting 
[standing up], along with all the mainstream journalists, 
for the LA Galaxy Press Meet to begin.

 Did mention to Natasha [when I met her later after the press con] that I did take snaps of her [albeit, stolen] that I intended to post in my blog.

No doubt, she is one very attractive news correspondent.

'Nuff said

brosi gonzales

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