Friday, December 9, 2011

Killing Time

The Loner's Entry
11:11 p.m. - Dec. 9
Shakey's Shaw

Been here since 8:00 pm. Came from Wi-Fi-ing at the Arena Press Room [after shooting Ateneo's knockout win over Beda] and am just homesick now so I'll just share a "loner moment" tonight by posting this entry. Still have my unfinished dessert from my unplanned dinner here at Shakey's [Shaw]. Yes, the traffic's still horrible, going north and/or south so I'll just stay till this joint closes [a little after midnight] and probably get home to Southy Bay Gardens, in Sucat, before 1:00, say, Saturday.

Knowing some people will check out my blog tonight [probably to look for some sports images, not some mundane pics of a laptop and melting ice cream] - one way or the other somehow makes me feel better - maybe KSP lang ako - well -- whatever.

brosi gonzales

[the time-of-post index/counter is not synched to the real time- gotta fix it soon]

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