Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UAAP Volleyball and PBA Hoops

November 27, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

Tigers Tear Tropang Texters Apart
                                        Powerade - 131             TnT - 96

The Powerade Tigers had 21 more attemps [49-90 for 50%] at the basket than the Tropang Texters [28-74 for 37%] and had 7 more steals [12 to TnT's 5].  Powerade had 11 turnovers while Tnt had 24.  Not surprisingly, in turnover points, Perasol's boys scored 33 while Reyes' had only 10.  It was pretty even in the rebounding department, [Powerade-49] [TnT-47].  The Texters simply never had a chance.

Here are some [randomly arranged, as always] low res images [as usual] from that game:

The King Tiger, Gary David, whoops it up.

JV Casio defends Jayson Castro.
Castro shoots 33.3% from the field.
[1-3   3-pt fg]  [3-9   2-pt fg]

- Ganging up on Gary -
[above and below]
Four Texters surround David - No matter - David still manages to lead all scorers with 27 points and take down 5 boards.

 Sean Anthony fades away for two.
Anthony scores 17 points.

- JV Casio - Powerade Court General -
Casio scores 14 points.

 Jayson Castro gets into scoring position.

- Time To Relax -
Rommel Adducul [right] does a decent job -
He scores 10 markers. 

For Powerade -  David, Lassiter, Anthony, Casio, Kramer, and Adducul all put in double figures  [27, 19, 17, 14, 13, 10 pts. respectively]

For Tnt - Wiliams, Castro, Carey, Oreta, and Fonacier all put in double figures too [18, 15, 15, 14, 12 pts. respectively]

Adducul took down 6 boards for Powerade while Carey hauled 11 for TnT.

- Alvarez and Antonio chase a loose ball -
Both the Tigers and the Texters fought tooth and nail for every loose ball,
but with the Tigers taking 21 more attempts - 
and Tnt turning the ball over 13 times more than Powerade - 
how could Chot Reyes have ever have hoped to win? ?

Barako Bull Seals A Win Over The Elasto Painters
                                 Barako Bull - 106          Rain or Shine - 102

Dong Allado acknowledges the Barako Bull fans
after the final buzzer.

Elasto painters Paul Lee and Jeff Chan try 
prevent Dylan Ababou from executing a good pass.

 Willie Miller [driving] converts  on 7 of his 14  2-point field goal attempts.
He makes 2 of his 4 free throws for 50%  too for a game total of 16 points.

Dylan Ababou outjumps Ryan Arana and Paul Lee for a high percentage shot.
This Barako Bull comes in at a close second to Pennisi, in scoring, 
hitting the hoops for a total of 21 points.

To the delight of the Araneta crowd, gutsy Lou Gatumbato eventually scores on a 3-pointer - only after missing three sure 2-pointers that simply rimmed or bounced out .

Ryan Arana tries to defend Willie Miller.
Miler contributes 16 points for Barako Bull.
Arana puts in 6 points for Rain or Shine.

I wonder what the tattoos on Pennisi's left arm might mean.
[No matter - just a trivial thought]
Mick is Barako Bull's leading scorer with 22 markers.

Earlier In The Afternoon,  at the Arena in San Juan . . .

In the UAAP Volleyball Tournament

Men's Volleyball
Ateneo beats UE
UP beats UST

Women's Volleyball
FEU beats UE
DLS beats AdU

Here are some photos from the UP upset win over UST [Men's], the FEU win over UE [Women's] and the DLS win over AdU [Women's] . . .

Fighting Maroon Samuel Paquiz [#4] scores 26 in the match.

Luis Aguilan and Paquiz whoop it up after the 5-setter.
[Set #5  UP-18  UST-16]

Southlyn Ramos [extreme left - from the Lady Maroons Volley Team]
and friends celebrate the UP win.

Morada displays the spunk that helped the the Lady Tams win the Volley Crown
almost 3 years ago.  She is the last remnant of that team - 
who had the likes of Daquis, Vivas, and Jose.

Alyssa Valdez is in the house.

The Lady Tams are a very young team.

A Lady Archer blocks Lady Falcon Faye Guevara.

Rookie Mika Reyes of DLS scores one of her 11 points in the
4-setter triumph by the Defending Champs.

Straight and True - Archer Mika Reyes ! 
Defending are Lady Falcons Faye Guevara [#9] and Anna Togonon [#16].

Sometime during Set #1 [Stay only for that Set because have to rush to Araneta for the PBA] play is halted pending a clarification between the game officials and the Adamson team regarding an infraction by the Lady Falcons. It takes almost 10-15 long minutes before play is resumed. During this lull I steal photos of the Lady Archers Gumabao, Gohing, Reyes, Marano as they kill time on the court.  I see how solid they are - I can feel their vibe even meters away, as I continually focus my telephoto lens. 

I'm no authority on volleyball but - after observing the Lady Archers in that short lull - Let me say [as a die-hard Lady Eagles fan] that these 
Girls in Green will be extremely difficult to dethrone.

[Difficult, but not Impossible]

brosi gonzales


  1. Your photos are great! Do you happen to have more photos of our game (UP vs UST)? If yes, where can I see it? Thank you sir!

    More power to you!

    Luis Apostol

  2. Great photos and images! I really like those stolen shot of those players of PBA. Hope to see more this current conference.

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