Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7

It's December Seven
I'm Starting To Look Back At
Twenty Eleven

A couple o' thousand photos in the last eleven-plus months [Whew!!] - and couple more to shoot before 2011 ends - and I'm already reminiscin' [image wise, that is] ?  Yes.  SANA - Hopefully, I can outdo the best photos that I've shot the past Jan-to-the-first-week-of-December time frame, and that's easier said than done, I know,  but Hey, who knows ? 

 Without a doubt there are already a select number that will surely be part of "My Favorite/Best Images of 2011" folder - of course the number will be always be arbitrary - and now that I have a 6-month old blog that's alive and well - Why not share these select few images [pictures that will always be, excuse the senti context but I can't put it in any other way] --> that are "close to my heart" ?

[Tried to group them into a few categories, some of which have yet to be filled, I'm in no hurry to "complete my choices" - eventually the better images will just stand out above the rest - and I'll be coming back to this posting to add the eventual standouts as 2012 draws near.

Here are a few 
Randomly Arranged Favorites

Portraits [ALL shot on location]

Rizal Memoirial Football Stadium
July, 2011

Ateneo Erenchum Football Pitch
February, 2011

Sports [Behind-the-Scenes]

Final Game
Araneta Coliseum
September, 2011

Father and Daughter
UP Softball Field
January, 2011

 A Kiss From The Captain
Rizal Football Field
July, 2011

Jollibee, Sucat
June, 2011


Rebel Yell
Rizal Memorial Football Field
July, 2011

Chieffy Scores !!
Panaad Stadium, Bacolod
February, 2011

Whooping It Up
Ateneo Erenchum Football Field
March, 2011

[Basketball ]

The Man of Steal - Eric Salamat
Araneta Coliseum
November, 2011

[Other Sports]

Eyes On The Ball
UP Softball Field
January, 2011 

[more picks to be chosen, and posted, soon]

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