Saturday, July 23, 2011

Siblings [I Forgot Their Names]

 Heaven Sent

All I remember of these two flaxen haired cherubims is their nationality.
They are Danes.  Their mom, [whose name I've also forgotten] who comissioned me to do their family portraits [at San Lo in Makati], was a high ranking officer in the Danish embassy in Manila.

Maybe, when I get that proficient with Adobe, I might just add a pair of little wings on each of these girls' backs.  Just Maybe.  

FYI, this is another JPEG from a scanned [8 x 10] analogue color print.  The raw material used was 35mm color negative film.  Camera was a Nikon N90 35mm SLR. Crafty use of available outdoor light [my Favorite] brought life to this image.

P.S. Got Lots & Lots of analogue portraits from my archive, and will be posting favorites randomly.

brosi gonzales

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