Saturday, July 23, 2011

Siblings [Inigo & Vanessa]

How I wish my nephew and neice [both in high school]  were both rabid UAAP basketball fans like me so that every July to October every year we could have lots of bonding opportunities. 

Nace [Inigo] once told me basketball sucks - well, whatever - He's just not into it.  He is a promising soccer player AND will probably be a UAAP college rookie next School Year 2012-2013 at what UAAP university ?  That remains to be seen.  

I've pretty much documented [from the very first beginners class in football up to his present day FIFA matches] his evolution as a footballer and come his freshman year at college, watching him play in the UAAP will be real treat for me.  

UAAP soccer has it's own following, probably even its own mini-culture - the same with UAAP basketball or NCAA or even V-League volleyball. But watching in Araneta, especially when it's a Final Four or Championship basketball match with around 10,00 or more screaming fans  -- that simply doesn't happen in UAAP footaball.

Vanessa meanwhile, is in to baking [like her mom, my sister-in-law] and seems to have a passion for styling/make up, [U know, that sort of thing].

Well, whatever they're up to and whatever stuff they end up doing they will always have some wonderful photos.  

The shot above is a July, 2001, portrait takem in Bulacan, in their grandparents' residence.  The photo is from my archive of 35mm film portarits.

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