Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Of A Kind

Stolen Shots of Nico and Kate 

Always have been and always be a portrait photgrapher [even though I consider myself a good sports photog, among other things] Capturing people's emotions at that "right moment", in a single frame - wether it be in the privacy of a home, or in the cluttered, distracting environs of a sports arena - the latter presenting a tougher challenge.

Here are two of my favorites . . .

- Game Face -

[March, 2010] On the verge of losing the
 Best-of-Three Championship Series to the UST Lady Tigresses,
 Coach Ramil de Jesus of DLSU calls a timeout.

I remember, clear as day, the tense and DEADLY SERIOUS faces of the Defending  Champion Lady Archer Volleyball Team as they listened to Coach Ramil try to motivate them to give one last rally to hopefully overcome the seemingly insurmountable advantage [scorewise and psychologically]
the UST Lady Tigresses had had already gained.

 I could feel the "heaviness" in the Lady Archer huddle
[it's like they knew the end was inevitable] - so I
positioned myself to try to capture the drama of it all in a single frame.
I focused on setter Kate Martinez, looked at her eyes, observed Coach's actuations, timed the shot to capture only Kate's left eye,
Coach de Jesus' hand gestures AND only Alarqa's right eye.

Luckily, I got the image I wanted in a single click.
[BTW, UST did dethrone DLS in the said match]

- Impish -

This is a photo if Nico Salva during a light moment on the Blue Eagle bench during the UAAP 2nd Rnd ADM-UST match.  The Eagles had the game pretty much in the bag so go-to guys  Nico,Tonito, Greg, Kiefer, Eman, 
and Kirk were all relieved by Coach Black.
I observed [tutok talaga] the guys as they happily joked around at he bench.
While waiting for an interesting moment to capture, one of the coaches all of a sudden stood in front of Salva and obstructed my view of his right eye
 - I just pressed my shutter.

brosi gonzales

FYI, My next 2 postings will feat the JRU-NU, DLS-UST,
AdU-JRU, and CSJL-DLS PCCL basketball matches [Arena, San Juan].
The Ginebra-Alaska and the Meralco-Barako Nov.20 [Sunday]
 PBA matches will be feat to.

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