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PCCL Monday - November 21

November 21, Monday
Arena, San Juan

Archers Win Over The Jeric-less Tigers
                               DLS - 72                                       UST - 67

For the Archers, Arnold Van Opstal was sidelined due to an injury, while for the Tigers, the two Jerics, Fortun and Teng, were just unavailable [am not sure if they had arrived from abroad that Monday].  Clearly, the absence of the Jerics was more costly for the Tigers than the absence of van Opstal for the Tigers. At least, veteran Archer Joshua Webb more than compensated for Arnold's absence.

DLS dished out more assists [19 to UST's 11], shot better from the field -
[27/59 for 45.8% to UST's 22'65 for 33.8%].  DLS had 5 blocks, UST had none.
The Tigers did better from the free throw line, though, [19/25 for 76% to DLS' 11/16 for 68.8%]. But DLS made 5 more attempts from the field [27 to UST's 22].  La Salle knew they had a clear cut advantage on the backcourt and they exploited it fully.

The DLS win set them to do battle against CSJL on Tuesday, Nov.22.
[Check the following post]

 Norbert Tores blocks Karim Abdul.

Jopet Mendoza tries to stop the driving Melo Afuang.
Both Jopet and Melo stayed 19 minutes on the court.
Afuang scored 6 points while Mendoza managed only 2.

 - Babad Sa Laro -
In 28 minutes, Joshua Webb scored 16 markers, took down 5 rebounds,
and dished an assist.  His percentages were good.
[7/9 2-point field goal attempts and 2/2 free throws]

 Olan is tripled

 by Sheriff, Vigil, and Camus.

 - Kevin vs Norbert -

 Kevin Ferrer [#14] converted on 3/9 treys [33.3%],
4/8  2-point field goals [50%],  6/7 foul shots [85.7%].
He took down 6 rebounds, had 1 steal and 1 block.

 A bad fall by Luigi de la Paz put him on the injured list.
He had to watch the DLS-CSJL with a sling.

Norbert Torres had blocked him in the 1st half - so -

 Karim Abdul made sure it didn't happen in the 2nd.

Talked to Chris Camus [#12] after the match -
this game will probably be his last game as Tiger.
He's one of a few UAAP cagers that I get to chat with ocasionally.
Will miss seeing you play, bro.

As I stated, the two Jerics of UST were sorely missed.
DLS' backcourt clearly outplayed UST's.
- LA Revilla [#12] vs Jamil Sheriff [#6]-

JRU Beats NU
[Bombers Shoot Better From The Free Throw Line]
                          JRU -66                                                           NU - 62  

Statwise, it was pretty much even Steven between the Bomberes and the Bulldogs - Field Goal %, Rebounds, Turnover Points, Total Attempts Made  -
but when it came to the free throw department, NU made 11/21 while JRU made 12/15 - That's 52.4% against 80%.  The ten missed foul shots of NU, if they had been made could have given the Bulldogs another 10 points. JRU won by only 4 points. Just do the math.

The Jose Rizal Heavy Bombers win set them up for a match vs the Adamson Falcons on Tuesday, Nov.22. [Check the following post]

-It's Clobberin' Time -

Jeoffrey Javillonar streches for a pair.

- Take Two - 
Javillonar takes it to the hole.

What's a basketball game without the hustle plays ?

Robin Rono [#19] challenges Jekster Apinan inside.

- Jekster Apinan's speed vs Emmanuel Mbe's timing -

Mad scrambles for loose balls -

usually make for good images.

- Akin To ! -
Jekster Apinan grapples with Bulldogs Lee Villamor and Josuah Alolino.

Apinan takes control.

- A COMPLETE  FACIAL - On The House -
-  Compliments of Emmanuel Mbe [National U.] -

Masarap manood ng basketbol, lalo na kung -

Mbe is tripled inside.

As far as blocks are concerned -

It's always better to GIVE than to receive.
Mbe foils a JRU undergoal stab.

Coach Altamirano and Staff contest a call.
In the end, the Bombers had the last laugh.
The Bulldogs could have shot better from the free throw line.

[Have more game images from the DLS and JRU wins to post -
but have to post my Letran-LaSalle, Adamson-JRU, PBA-Wednesday,
and Baste-Adamson, FEU-Letran entries first before
 returning to these two PCCL posts to add more images]
Hope these pics are good enough for the time being for my blog visitors.

 Advisory - The JRU-NU match actually came BEFORE the DLS-UST match
- my bad, featuring tthe DLS-UST game first - no biggy -

gotta scoot now - shooting a game in a few

brosi gonzales

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