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PBA Wednesday - November 16

Tropang Texters and Bolts Win

November 16
Araneta Coliseum

Clickers Still Not Clicking
                                TNT - 96                                       Shopinas - 83
Chot Reyes Texters outscored Franz Pumaren's Clickers in the first three quarters,  19-17,  32-15, and 25-20 and the resulting 24-point difference gave TnT enough cushion to absorb the Clickers' 31-point 4th Qtr [TNT scored 20
in the 4th].  The usual suspect, Jayson Castro, again led all scorers.  Japeth Aguilar, who had been very instrumental in TNT's previous wins chipped in 16, while Carey and de Ocampo scored 10 points each.  

A former Tiger, a former Warrior, and a former Lion, in the persons of Duncil, Espiritu, and Escobal combined for 42 of the Clickers' 83 total game output. Texters Castro's, Aguilar's, de Ocampo's and Carey's point outputs combined  for 53 markers, and like that of the mentioned Shopinas Clickers double figure scorers, combined for more than half of their team's game total.  Field Goal % wise TNT fared better [30 of 79 for 38%] than Shopinas [31 of 91 for 34%].  In rebounds, TNT got more [61 to Shopinas' 53].  Aguilar and Carey had 11 and 10 respectively [for TnT] , while Sena and Duncil got 11 and 7 likewise [for Powerade].  In fastbreak points, TNT had 17 to Shopinas' 5, and in turnover points, TNT had 13 to Shopinas' 8.

I did miss the whole 2nd half of the game but was, at least ,able to take some decent photos from the  1st half.

Khazim Mirza challenges Harvey Carey.

Harvey Carey tries to protect the ball from 
Elmer Espiritu's active hands.

This time, it's Japeth Aguilar that Elmer has to deal with.

Japeth tries to go baseline against J.R. Aquino.

Paolo Hubalde eludes Pamboy Raymundo.

Aguilar uses his athleticism to outposition Sison.

--- Offense with a Scowl ---

Jared Dillinger

takes it to the hole.

Larry Fonacier manages only 4 points in 27 minutes.  He makes one of two 3-point attempts and misses all five of his 2-point attempts.

--- Larry Fonacier vs Jojo Duncil ---

Raymundo uses quickness to his advantage over Mark Canlas.

-- Pamboy with a running J --

Powerade Chokes
                               Meralco - 98                          Powerade - 96

Without a doubt, the Meralco-Powerade game was more dramatic than the TNT-Shopinas game.  After the 1st Qtr, Meralco was ahead by 6 [23-17], after the 2nd, Meralco was still ahead [52-48], but after the 3rd it was Powerdae ahead by 5 [84-79]. Everyone knew by then that it was anybody's ball game,
going into the 4th Qtr. Powerade's 3rd Qtr surge and steadiness in the early part of the 4th made me predict a Meralco defeat, but, my instincts also told me that a one or two crucial misses or turnovers by Powerade might just prove me wrong. Eventually I was proven wrong. Two endgame misses [high percentage attempts by Powerade go-to guys Lassiter and David] opened the door for a last possesion for Meralco, with barely 12 seconds left.

 Lassiter neither gets a basket

nor 2 free throws from this end-game drive.

If Gary David makes this attempt, with 20.5 seconds left,
Powerade  be up by 3.  David misses and
Meralco gets the defensive rebound.

Coach Ryan Gregorio calls a time-out to set up a play that would,
hopefully, result in a game winning basket.

--- For The Win ---
 Capt. Hook's, er-rather- Mr. Clutch's, Mac Cardona's only 2 points 
of the 4th Qtr. couldn't have come at a better time.
[Cardona has already netted 16 points from the first three quarters]
This one puts the Bolts ahead by 1 [97-96].
[Powerade has to foul Meralco after an ensuing Powerade turnover
 Meralco's last point is from the stripe. Final [Meralco-98  Powerade-96]

Here are more photos from the match :
When I watch jocks like Asi Taulava and Alex Crisano go at it, 
it's like watching two little boys, trapped in Big Men's Bodies, just having fun playing basketball. Yes, that's just me - It makes me enjoy the sport more
AND helps me take better photos.

--- Adducul vs Cardona ---

Mark Yee is greeted by the Powerade Phalanx of
David, Kramer, and Calimag.

--- Who Let The Doug Out ? --
Kramer guts it out with Gaby Espinas for the rebound.

--- Castro vs Crisano ---

After three quarters, Gary David has accumulated 26 big points,
but come the 4th, Go-To-Gary, simply chokes.
Yes, it does happen to the best of them.

This is photo #1 of a 5-frame sequence that shows Alex Crisano taking the ball [rebound from a Powerade miss] away from Mark Borboran.
Crisano totals 11 points vs Meralco, in one of his better games this season.

--- Big man with the childlike antics ---
Again, Alex Crisano, gets my attention [and the crowds']
after he converts two free throws.
[4-frame sequence]

 The Meralco Bolts fans are probably irritated by 
Crisano's antics. -- Taunting ?? That's debatable. 
He's just enjoying the game.
I am, too.
[The Bolts fans get the last laugh anyway]

I pray that rookie JV Casio will have a breakout game sooner than later.
Why not ??  This guy's got the talent.

Doug Kramer's buzzer beater at the end of the 1st half

gives him a big reason to smile.

--- Not in my House ---

 Cardona eats Lassiter's dust

 as Marcio outsprints Mac for a sure basket.

 No acting awards for Cardona on this sequence -

just another two points for David.

 This is a decent hustle shot [in focus].

The next three photos below are part of the 4-frame sequence which follows
shot #1 [above].  Very frustratingly [for me], I am not in the best angle to capture the "moment", and they are out of focus,   
I simply have to share them for the simple reason that this bit of action is just HILARIOUS !!! [I am laughing my head of as it unfolds].

 What the ___ ?
What's this ?  ____ggy style or What !#2*??

  Hey guys !  Shame on you !!- The PBA is MAN's game !!

- Sobrang Cheesy ! -

There is such a thing as the flagrant foul, right?  
They should come up with  a new kind of foul --
the "unmanly" foul -- for this kind of situation.

Kidding Aside,
I like the fight the Bolts and Tigers put up.

brosi gonzales

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