Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Little People

5 Months, 6 Months, and 7 Months
--- Camy,  Andrew, and Cassius  ---

 Camy S.

 Andrew G.

 Cassius N.

Last Sunday evening [Nov.13], I felt very frustrated at having missed [due to an unexpected false alarm] the Petron vs Rain or Shine PBA game [I am an Arwind Santos and Gabe Norwood fan]. Thing is, too, the Blaze and the Elasto Painters are two of the better teams, as of late, this season.  The match before the Petron-RoS did go into double overtime and I had yet to shoot a double OT game at the PBA [This is my first season shooting the PBA].

Anyway, come Monday morning I still felt unreasonably  [It's so NOT me] irritable but when I suddenly remembered [after lunch] that I was suppossed to take photos of my friend's [Badong] little  boy, that Monday, the irritability simply disappeared.  I quickly prepped my photo gear and freshened up.  Luckily, when I arrived at Badong's place, his son had just woken up and was having merienda.  Despite the sudden drizzle, I was able to find a spot in the living room where the light was just right. And in a span of about 5-8 minutes I got the portraits I wanted. 

Photographing "little  people"  is always refreshing for me, for one thing, I got hooked on photography when I started photographing kids years ago when I was assigned to teach American kids [elementary to middle school] in an American Military Base as part of my role in an architectural project [mind you, I did have an uneventful architectural career before my love affair with photography]. I then moved on to photoghraphing my relatives, nephews, neices, then eventually to a full time job in a photo studio.Yes, those were the days. - But enough of that.

I was tempted to post Andrew G.'s portrait asap on this blog but decided to wait for a few more "little people" portraits to blend/mix/match Andrew's to make the post more interesting.  I do have a big archive of film portraits of kids but I somehow wanted a current  portrait of a months-old kid and I simply didn't know any other potential subjects to shoot.  Lo and behold, come PBA Wednesday, Nov. 16, while shooting PBA at the Araneta, I found a potential subject in the person of Cassius Norwood, Gabe Norwood's BABY boy, who Gabe almost always brings with him to the Araneta whenever he has a game.  Not only that, It dawned on me, that I had already posted a shot of Gabe with Cassius in his arms, and his Rain or Shine team mate Paul Lee doting on little Cassius !, albeit a stolen shot taken with a 400mm lens !

So I simply approached Gabe Norwood, asked permission, and took two quick snaps of Cassius.  Gabe mentioned then to me that Cassius was already 7 months old - Perfect ! I said to myself - I had portraits of a 7-month to complement my portrait of a 6-month -  Then, browsed my archives again and found a FILM portrait of a 5-month old - hence the 3-picture sequence above.

Obviously, three good ones are better than one.  -- and since this post  is postworthy enough, and has a theme, it's within context to add some - RANDOM, ''little people" pics from my archive.


More next time. Have to leave now.

brosi gonzales

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