Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Being In One's Element

Jaymie Pizzaro and Toni Le Viste
 In Their Element

Photographing people doing what they do best has always been, and will always be - 
a treat for me.  [That's why I love portraiture].

October 11, Tuesday
Ayala Alabang

 Meeting Jaymie Pizzaro - mother, runner, blogger, now Editor-in-Chief of the publication The Bull Runner - was just cool.  What I know at this point about Jaymie is that she is an avid runner, that she put up her own blog [running was the theme] a couple of years back, and that this blog became famous.  The overwhelming positive feedback her site illicited opened so many doors for her, and needless to say, its success only served to promote the sport [and art, if I may call it that] of running, and, not surprisingly, attracted various sponsors.  Fact is, Gatorade is bringing her to the New York Marathon, slated on Nov. 6 .
[I believe this is the 2nd time].  Now, that's what I call a win-win.

 Tuesday Morning at Ayala Alabang

 May, 1, 1990
Manila Polo Club

When I met Toni Le Viste, yup, that was over TWO decades ago, [Charley and Joey, her older sisters arranged it] - of course I was excited - but during those days, what was foremost in my mind was just GETTING good portraits, - how easy or difficult the subject  might be, or how "cool" the subject was, his or her stature -- whatever -- wasn't that much of a concern.  Having opportunities to IMPROVE my craft was the thing for me [at that time I had just resigned from a  one and a half year stint at a reputable photo studio  [won't state the name - but it's where I learned Studio Lighting, Black & White Film Processing AND Printing, and did Advertising, Fashion and Food photography]. For me, then, it was just shoot and run, and rush to the photo shop for my Color Shots, then to friend's darkroom to process and print my Black & Whites.

[taken with Fuji 35mm color negative film]

But past is past and Now is Now.  Before it was film, now it's SD Cards and Compact Flash.   Today's Digital Technology is absolutely great ! , but  my
"Analogue Experince" ---> priceless.  And hopefully, these days, I'm taking myself less seriously - but my photography -- always serious [and hopefully getting better].

After dropping of her daughter at Woodrose every morning,
Jaymie does about 10k then proceeds to Gold's 

to train, under the watchful eye of a professional.

 Good Luck Jaymie !!
And if I may quote a line from one of your editorial pieces
"Dream Big, Run Strong !!!!"

[taken with Kodak Tri-X ASA 400 35mm Black and White film]
[I processed the film myself, made a {5x7} print , then had it scanned]

This Black and White photo of Toni is my one my favorite.

brosi gonzales

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