Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puso, Kaluluwa, at Mga Bola

Was at the Conservatory [Manila Peninsula] for the Kobe Press Con.
Was at Barangay Pakisama, Taguig, where Kobe  played with some  kids.
Was at High Street, the Fort, where Kobe answered a few Qs, met up with some kids again, then gave away a couple of autographed Nike basketballs.
Was at the Araneta Coliseium, where Kobe teamed up with some UAAP All-Stars in a 20 minute exhibition game vs the Smart Gilas Team.

Now, have a ton of JPEGs of the Black Mamba.  Of course I'm eager to post them BUT I'll postpone that in the meantime.  A few UAAP entries will come out first, then a few Azkals vs Brave Reds pics [July 3 match].  And even before those are these three OLD, behind-the-scenes photos.

DLSU Lady Archers
One for the Road.
This was taken after a FEU-UST Finals match at Ateneo after the DLSU girls claimed a few UAAP Season 73 awards.  Their next visit to the Ateneo after this would then be on Season 74.

U.P. Fighting Maroons
. . .And another one . . .
Taken on the same afternoon as the  DLSU photo.
Just before hopping into their cars, these footballers from Diliman,
gave me a few seconds of their time.

TJ Manotoc, Henry Atayde, Rick Olivares, Boyet Sison
Rarin' to Go
I snapped this one at the Panaad Press Room about an hour before the
Azkals-Mongolia match [we won that 2-nil], last Feb.9.

Irrelevant, stale images ??  Certainly not. What might seem generic snapshots are actually nice photos with a lot of Heart, lottsa Soul, Balls, and "Libog".  These pics belong to my Favorite Photos Folder.  

"Fire in the Belly", "In Your Face", "In the Moment", "Sucking it Up", "Chutzpah", "Panalo!!!" -- there are many words that come to mind when I look at these.  FUN moments, fleeting as some of them are -- but blogworthy enough for me - I simply had to post them sooner or later [even though they're old pics].

Rick Olivares, JC Intal, Bianca Gonzalez, Boom Gonzalez
Parting Shot
This was literally the LAST photo I took yesterday night after the Kobe Bryant event at the Araneta.  A few moments after this I packed up and went home.
Yeah !! My kind of Snapshot !

Though it would be unrealistic for me to expect ALL my impromptu-on-the-spot group shots to be like this all the timeonce I sense that "something" is there, that vibe in the people I am about to shoot -- I just throw in a few words, do a few gestures -- and if the subjects have "it" or are "in the moment" it just happens.  A collective growl, smile, stance, even a dirty finger, a Kung fu pose, a "come and get it" or "take me, I'm ready" or a "showdown" pose -- or whatever -- like I said, it just happens -- then I just have to be quick and sharp  --  cause there are no retakes - It's either I get it or not. 

brosi gonzales

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