Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Actually Glad It Rained

July 9, would the FIRST time ever for me to actually watch [and photograph] the UAAP Opening Day Ceremonies.  This time, though, 'twas going to be a risky one.  Rain was the only thing on the menu.  Host Ateneo, as Mr. Palou mentioned  at the July 4 UAAP Press Con,  would be prepared none the less.

That rainy first half experience at the Azkals win a week previous was still fresh on my mind on that Friday evening, July 8, I just couldn't help but feel frustrated, knowing that more likely than not, the opening would be a wet, wet, wet one.  Well, just have to deal with it - I thought. 

In hindsight, now, looking back now on Saturday [Even though I lost A WHOLE LOT of potentially Good Images due to a technical oversight - Bad Trip, Bad Day at the Office] - I am somehow weirdly thankful it rained.

Rain & Mud put a totally different dynamic [drama] to the UAAP Opening Day Ceremonies.  The more difficult the shooting conditions were the more one had to adjust [quicker], and to be more resourceful.  The Unexpected can make one a better photographer - That's what I say - if one Learns from it, that is.

BUT, enough of that.  It's over and done with at this point.  Those who attended will probably remember the event for different reasons.  Maybe some dancers will remember the "fun" of doing their routine  under the rain, with mud on their feet, some organizers might never forget many anxious moments, maybe one or two photographers will regret not having prepared for the rain, some might have even regretted attending in the first place -- who knows.
Everyone of us will have their OWN favorite and not so favorite moments from that afternoon, [Fortunately, as a photographer, I get a chance to capture the moments I like {and then some}] Well, point is -- different strokes for different folks.

Now, if it's down to my four favorite photos, er, I mean moments - They would be: a shot of some UST UAAP Basketball jocks passing in front of me, a shot of some Lady Eagle UAAP Volleybelles with their light blue umbrellas, a shot of the Ateneo Choir singing and some cadets holding a huge Filipino flag, with the image of Jose Rizal on a big screen serving as a backdrop, and snap of Bianca Gonzalez. [Who knows, one of these days I'll get to meet her, and make on-the-spot portaits] 

All in all, Saturday was real stretch for me because of the weather but in some weird way I'm glad that it rained.

 UST Growling Tigers Melo, Kevin & Jeric

V-League Champs Fille, Alyssa, Gem, Natasha, Carol, Gretchen & Denise.

 The Immortal Atenean, Jose Rizal.

Bianca Gonzalez --- True Hues of Blue.

 Greg Slaughter -- Leading the way Fourward.

 Sponge Cola -- "Soaking" it all up.

A "drizzling" routine no less.


 July 9, 2011 --  Fire and Rain.

brosi gonzales

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