Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beyond the Obvious

Behind-the-Scenes Last July 28

Finding INTERESTING stories within stories or pictures within pictures may be easier said than done.  One has to go the extra mile by --->being a little more observant, "listening" to people when they are not speaking, taking pictures when others have put turned off their cameras, noticing the seemingly insignificant, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary,
looking for the stuff inside the stuff.
As they say in the vernacular "diskartihan mo".

Pic above taken at Rizal after the Philippine loss to Kuwait last July 28.
Look at the Philippine  Flag -- What do you see ?

Liz Weiss hamming it up at the post match dinner.

A media colleague of mine, Jerome, a news photographer,
expresses his halftime sentiments.

Everybody was prepared for the rains this time.  A photographer stands ready with his tools of the trade. 

It is a proven fact that if one has the most expensive state of the art equipment on hand,  THAT DOES NOT GUARANTEE
that he will have the BEST pictures of an event.

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY is not so much having the best tools,  
it is more of using whatever tools one has in the best, 
most creative manner possible.

brosi gonzales

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