Saturday, July 30, 2011

Five In A Row

July 30, Saturday

 Ateneo got of to a sluggish start while UP drained three straight treys.
When Monfort, above, challenging Mba, got into his groove, sometime in the 2nd Quarter, as a co-photgrapher whispered to me after the game,
"UP lost the game".  At one point he drained a three, stole the ball from U.P. in the ensuing play, then scored on a lay up.

 Once the Eagles started soaring, the Maroons unraveled.
Their perimeter shots started rimming out and Ateneo's bigs started controlling the boards, and the boys in blue started running circles around their Katipunan neighbors.  Ateneo outscored U.P.  23 to 10 in the 2nd 15 to 12 in the 3rd, and 20 to 14 in the 4th Quarters.
Ateneo won by 20 [77-57].

 Fighting Maroon Carlo Gomez in an early loose ball situation.
Losing his cool in the 2nd half, Carlo Gomez, resorted to hitting one of the Ateneo players.  
This was seen by the refs and Gomez was ejected from the game.

Jose, "Jett", Manue,#6, managed only 8 points - same as Mike Silungan 
[whose percentages have'nt been up to par in recent games].
Nobody made double figures in scoring for UP. 

The Ateneo cheerleaders had every reason to smile. 
Their team is the team to beat.
If you would ask Coach Black about his team's level of play, he'll readily admit that his team is not yet performing at peak level.
[Championship Level is what he probably means].
I can't wait.

brosi gonzales

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